GPS or a Global Positioning System is one example of a highly complex technology being deployed for use in common applications used by the public. There are 24 satellites circling the earth 24 hours at a distance of 12000 miles, and they relay coded signals to earth constantly. Such a multifaceted technology is expensive to develop, and GPs was actually created for military applications by the US Department of Defense, and later was made available to the public for civilian use.

Role of satellites

GPS satellites that orbit the earth twice a day continuously stream the signals to earth, and this signal is received by GPS receivers around the world.  Your GPS receiver in your car, or even the newest handheld versions, uses a triangulation method to calculate its exact location. Actually, your GPS receiver compares the time information when it was sent and received by the receiver to calculate the relative distances from different satellites to estimate the position of the receiver.

The latest technology has made it possible to determine the position to the accuracy of less than 15 meters. Imagine a receiver in the ocean or the uninhabited wild; you can imagine what a great advantage there is to a system that gives the position so accurately day or night and any weather conditions. We’ve come a long way from lighthouses used for navigation!


GPS has found a wide variety of applications on air, land and sea. It is playing a great role in saving lives in disasters, and is now used to track airplanes, ships and boats with much greater accuracy than we have ever had previously. Satellite Navigation systems adapted in cars has now become very common, either built in to the dashboard or as plug-in addition. GPS function is integrated to the mapping systems to help drivers easily find their way in cities or the countryside. It can also assist with avoiding traffic jams and construction delays, thereby saving time, frustration, and fuel.


Tracking devices enabled with GPS have been used by fleet owners to monitor the position of each of their vehicles at any given time, and even allow a trucking company to know if their drivers are obeying the speed limits.  Similar applications have been introduced to consumers as well. It is now possible to have a GPS locator put on your car in the event  it is stolen, and now even to add one to your teenage daughter’s car so that you know she is where she belongs.

Additionally, there are now personal tracking devices that can be utilized by anxious parents and adult children of the elderly and infirm. In fact, most cellular phones have GPS tracking ability.  All major Smartphones now incorporate a wide variety of applications utilizing GPS and giving valuable service to the mobile users. When you are on the move, GPS phone can tell you where the closest Chinese restaurant or shoe store is located, and then effortlessly guide you to it. This is done by taking your current co-ordinates and searching the closest places with the GPS function.  A really interesting new service is offered by GPSWeb (an extension of the Internet browser) which will add User Location to every HTTP request and this information is used to give services specific to the user’s location.

GPS and tracking play a huge role in training athletes via virtual reality or simulation setup in sports. For example, pro players use top-notch golf simulators like the Flightscope X3 for realistic gameplay and precise measurement of various metrics.


There are also a great many additional applications of GPS that have not been publicized. Did you know that many of the endangered species’, like rhinos, gorillas, and eagles are being charted with the help of GPS devices to study their movements and find ways to protect them? Other environmental applications include study of degradation of some regions threatened by overgrazing. GPS technology has shown potential in so many areas that future growth is assured! Already, work is being done to help incorporate it in the lives of the visually impaired and even more technically advanced GPS, like 3D GPS and GPS for digital cameras.

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More On Sony TV Deals – ashstead technology

If you ever are selecting to purchase a fresh LCD Television it’s possible you’ll have some trouble selecting which form of Television you might want or need to have. Not simply is it significant to glimpse at the all your alternatives obtainable in each and every model with Sony Tv Critiques, nonetheless it is even more important to understand how compatible your new LCD Tv is going to be together with your present-day Tv setup. The Sony LCD TVs are well recognized for his or her compatibility with other techniques.

When seeking for any new Tv you’ll find unique dimensions to take into consideration. In case you are unsure within the Tv dimensions you choose you could want to contemplate several various critical points. Some individuals just will need the Television size to become much larger as a consequence of obtaining a very difficult time seeing. You’ll want to give some thought to the area dimensions as well as the size on the stand or amusement center which the Television will be sitting on. The Television shouldn’t hang around the amusement stand and must sit evenly therefore the excess weight is distributed evenly. Compatibility is incredibly critical especially if you’ve got some older gear, but this shouldn’t be a problem as Sony products and solutions are compatible with one another. There are plenty of various connections in the LCD Television types which gives you the capability to hook up further hardware. Sony most certainly helps you to obtain the most from your Tv whenever you pay for from them. Each individual LCD Tv product comes by using a lighting technique. Some TVs come with ambient light that transform since the lights with the area changes. Some only have a very back again light to them. This is an excellent function that Sony has additional and is also important to the entertainment appeal of your Tv program.

Distinctive styles have distinct pixel measurements, but most come with 1080p and 200Hz panel. This result the video clip and audio superior when observing Television or taking part in game titles so don’t be frightened to homework this aspect. The larger the resolution superior the greater you get to delight in the full colour spectrum within the film you are observing. While using the many of the fantastic connections you can be capable to acquire additional out of your Tv. For your Internet surfer or gamer some Tv models possess the broadband connectors suitable on them. This means you could utilize the Television as an observe to your computer. It really is excellent entertaining in order to surf the internet or play game titles on the internet with friends and family. On account of the desire for High definition equipment a great deal of the Sony Tv designs assistance significant definition video clip and audio. Don’t miss out on this added feature that enhances the TVs pixel resolutions even more. Take into account to look and feel into your distinction around High definition and SD for being sure that you shall be happy with your pick.

The capability to connect your PS3 or other gaming console to your Tv is known as a great function which increases the high quality of game play when enjoying alone or with a colleague. You recognize that you have built the many right possibilities with Sony Tv Testimonials and while you can experience like you’re in the game or motion picture while you observe or play on your own new Sony LCD Tv.

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