You will never get tired of watching many of these movies hundreds of times. If you miss one, I suggest you check to check. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch, they are movies that make you laugh and laugh.

The combination of humor and action is always successful. If good actors are included, the result is the movie you want to keep forever. In action comedy movies, the main ideas seem to be based on the main characters. The protagonist can be a spy, a police officer, a secret agent, a spy or a superhero, which can make the movie full of joyful moments.

In comedy / action movies, the main characters are men, and usually these are comedy characters. People generally think that he is a good person, he saved people in the movie, but he may also be a bad person. The director did this to attract the attention of the audience.

what is action comedy movies

Comedy is a film, television and literary work designed to make the audience laugh. A movie that combines comedy and performance, the movie star combines wisdom and cunning with interesting plots and bold moves.

Action comedies usually have some kind of weapon. They are guns, knives, bats, baseball bats, etc. You can attach a character to his weapon to connect the audience with the character. This gun is usually used with entire movie characters. For example, in the movie “Kick Ass”, there is a stick in the main charter that can defeat bad guys.

In action / comedy movies, sometimes a lot of intense music (usually faster or stronger) is used to make the scene really faster. All this is to keep the audience focused.

Action / comedy movies show interesting scenes, violence, car chases, explosions, etc. in the movie. Action / comedy originated in the early 20th century when they were just ” humor ” until people realized that they liked to laugh but also enjoyed dramatic scenes, and while they were collecting scenes and taking action.

Spies in Disguise

“The Detective Is Designing” is a unique and funny family animation film, its movie “Best in the Night”! When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I had reservations: a movie about a spy who turns into a dove? I’m sure it would be absurd and hazy, but I Will · Smith and Tom · love Holland I just need to watch it. I was surprised, I fell in love with it!

James · Bang Desi ( James Bonds ) movies (for children lit, of course, also illuminate) and l totally weird state. Helps make interesting movies. For the film, what is important is the important element, while ensuring that people of all ages have a good sense of humor on the schedule.

Watching a silly detective Lance · Stirling (Will – Smith), his head is full of strange and lovely outsider from Walter · Beckett (Tom · Netherlands) learned a thing or two, this is definitely a Interesting adventure. There is gambling. Under the guidance of Beckett, Sterling learned that violence is not always the solution and can trust your friends.


There are many people who have never had the opportunity to see Deadpool. Unfortunately, this is your only job in February. Some people even guessed how he got his name. We all think he is a super villain.

But in some cases it is better to do the work well. If you haven’t seen Deadpool, I’m sorry! Since the first X -Men, you have missed one of Marvel’s best movies. The best Marvel movies may have many competitors, but Deadpool won easily. From start to finish, no film can compete, almost perfect.

The slow motion effect is as good as the first movie 300. The maturity is high, but this is related to Deadpool ‘s humor.

Although many jokes are simple and boring, they make you laugh out loud. Now warn that this is not a children’s electric film. Issued a warning to all parents, this is no ordinary superhero movie, and most of these jokes are very mature, honest assessment should be higher than PG13.

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