A lot of significant changes have been eminent in the industry of project management over a span of a recent few years, as well as in its planning as a whole. The changes in society as well as in the economy, in the work and the business environment, and the massive influence of technology as a whole played a big part in shaping up the project management industry over a few decades.

However, did this change have any lasting impact on the industry as a whole? Did the project management professionals have to change the ways they have been doing things in order to stay relevant? Or how crucial exactly is it to be up to date with these changes? In this article, we will share with you a few key trends that are shaping up the project management industry in the current situation.

1.      The Approaches for Hybrid Project Management:

People from all over the project management industry have widely accepted the prevalence of the hybrid models for project management to be the latest development in the industry. While traditionally, it was the waterfall model for project management that was the most popularly accepted model, in the recent few years, Agile and its related methodologies have gained mass popularity. Scrum, Lean, Agile, and Six Sigma are the most popularly used project management methods that project managers now use throughout the whole world.

It is due to the fact that project environments change at a rapid and constant pace that inspired project managers to find a way that offers a lot more flexibility in their methodologies. For instance, the improvisations that Agile methods offer help project managers to make up their own unique version of the hybrid Agile methods. One can easily find a pmp certification training course online and become fluent in this approach.

Certified Project Management Based on PMBOK 5th Edition 2013 using  Microsoft Project

2.      Increased Importance of Emotional Intelligence or EQ:

Project management is essentially a field that involves the management of people. While your Intelligence Quotient or IQ is an important parameter to determine how successful you can be in your professional life, it is through your emotional quotient or EQ that has been given increased importance in the recent few years in the project management industry to help determine how capable you are of building a strong and working connection with your project team. It also helps determine whether the project manager can steer the project in the right direction, get rid of conflict and differences in the team, and successfully help the team members to collaborate and negotiate with one another.

Final Word

It is the unwritten responsibility of the project manager to initiate, plan, design, execute, monitor, and finally successfully deliver a project. Hence, in order to achieve this goal, while also maintaining a healthy bond in the team, he or she must always be in touch with the latest project management trends.