8 Basic Car Care First Time Drivers Should Know

Getting behind the wheels for the first time is an exciting experience. Now that you have your car, you can go anywhere without relying on anyone. You have been taught the road rules in driving school, but car maintenance may not have been covered. Your car needs more than just a wash to run efficiently and remain in top condition. As a first-time driver, there are some basic car care that you should know for your car to perform at its best. Here is basic car maintenance for first-time drivers.

  1. Check the Manual

The first thing you have to check is the vehicle’s manual. However, most first-time drivers don’t make it a priority. You’ll learn about the car’s maintenance schedule by checking the manual. You can know the type of oil, tire pressure, and service intervals from the manual.

  1. Change the Air Filter

The air filter is essential for both diesel and gas cars. A clean air filter will ensure your vehicle’s proper engine function. If you don’t know how to change your air filter, you can get help from a local repair shop. Old filters will have dirt particles that affect the proper functioning of your engine.

  1. Radiator Coolant Change

An important way to maintain your engine in good condition is by flushing the radiator coolant. Rust inhibitors on the coolant can lead to rust which will cause damage to the engine. Check the manual for the recommended intervals.

  1. Balance Your Wheels

Misaligned wheels can lead to uneven wear and tear on the tires since the wheel won’t track forwards. The wheels will be tracking sideways. You’ll feel a vibration at a certain speed if the wheels are unbalanced.

  1. Battery Upkeep

Having a faulty battery will be an inconvenience. A build-up of corrosion means your battery won’t charge correctly and can cause damage to your car. You can avoid the problem by disconnecting the battery cables and cleaning the battery. If your battery has bulges or cracks, it is a sign that they need replacement.

8 Basic Car Care First Time Drivers Should Know

  1. Check Your Tires

Ensure that your vehicle’s tires are appropriate depending on the season. You’ll also avoid a tire blowout by maintaining the recommended tire pressure. You can check the manual for the recommended pressure. Uneven wear is an indication that you should do a wheel realignment. Make sure you check your wheel alignment every 50,000 km.

Improper wheel alignment can lead to steering issues. Tires with poor pressure can lead to problems with the rims, tires, or suspension. You can do a penny test to check if it’s time to replace the tires. To do the penny test, put a penny with the head upside down and facing towards you on the tire tread grooves. If you can see the whole head on the penny, it’s time for a tire replacement.

  1. Monitor Fluid Levels

You should also monitor your vehicle’s fluid levels. The fluid levels to check are brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. Check the engine oil levels to ensure your engine functions properly. Most car manuals recommend you increase the interval between the oil changes. A frequent oil change will flush metal particles prolonging the engine’s life.

  1. Routine Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. You’ll find all the information you need to keep your car in top shape. You have to take your vehicle for routine maintenance every 30,000 miles. However, Audi servicing should be after 15,000 or 20,000 miles for the first standard maintenance. After that, the maintenance should be after every 10,000 miles. The mechanic will inspect the spark plugs, car filters, belts, and breaks during routine maintenance. Here are the benefits of regular car maintenance.

  • Keep your car in good condition.
  • It increases road safety.
  • It reduces fuel costs.

Whether you have a new or used car, you must take good care of it to prevent breakdowns. Fortunately, with regular car maintenance, you can extend your car’s useful life. If it is a used car, you should give it extra attention compared to new cars. With the above care tips, your vehicle’s performance will improve.


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