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Generally speaking, buying a new car can be an intimidating process. There are several things you need to consider before making a good buying decision and one of them is the must-have features your next vehicle should have. By knowing which features you want, you can easily narrow down your options and reduce your odds of picking the wrong car. 

To make sure you make the right buying decision, below are the seven essential features to look for in your next car:

  • Must-Have Safety Features

When it comes to your next vehicle, one of the important things to take into account is your security. Luckily, in today’s modern world there’s a wide range of car brands and models that offer the best safety features a car owner can ever have. These safety features can include: 

  • Automatic emergency braking: When your car senses another vehicle on its way, this safety feature can become beneficial because it automatically hits the brakes on its own to avoid a potential collision. 
  • Blind spot warning system: This feature allows you to be notified on the front pillars or outboard mirrors that another car that you can’t see is next or behind your car. A blind spot warning system utilizes cameras and sensors to detect vehicles in a blind spot before an accident can potentially happen. 
  • Forward collision warning: Aside from the blind-spot warning system, this safety feature can warn you visually or audibly of a possible collision with another car or object. 
  • Automatic high beams: This car safety feature can make your driving much safer because it automatically turns on the high beams when there are no other vehicles ahead of the road and turns them low when cars start to appear on the other side. By using this feature, you can prevent a collision from happening. 

As you can see, there are several safety features to consider when choosing your next vehicle. Thus, if you’re buying Nissan cars or whatever brand you like from reliable car dealers, you can check out these features to help you find the right one that suits your safety requirements. 

  • Keyless Entry 

Another feature to look for in your next vehicle is the keyless entry system. Using this car feature can be very convenient because it allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle without setting aside your bags or putting your child on the ground. Hence, if you want your next ride to provide keyless entry, then make sure to choose one with this specific feature. 

Typically, a keyless entry system uses a sensor to automatically unlock your car’s door once it senses that the fob is nearby. When you have this system integrated into your vehicle, opening your car will be much easier and faster since you don’t need to press any buttons on the fob before you can unlock it. 

  • Infotainment Display

Before, automobiles don’t have screens on the dashboards. What they have was a set of buttons and shift knobs that help you maneuver the vehicle properly. However, if you’re buying your new ride today, an infotainment display or a screen that provides information can be one of the important features you should consider. This car feature is essential, especially if you need information while driving. 

For example, if you’re heading to an unfamiliar place, you can use the infotainment display feature to access a map or real-time climate updates. If you also need assistance in parking, you can also use the screen to operate and park your vehicle safely. 

buying Nissan cars

  • 360-Degree Surround-View Cameras

If you want your next car to provide you with its bird’s eye view, then buying one incorporated with 360-degree surround-view cameras will make a lot of sense. Generally, these cameras are placed around the vehicle, such as below the side mirrors, in the grille, and many more. 

Given these camera locations, it makes it easy for you to check for your passengers and possessions around the vehicle during backing up and parking. Instead of looking at the back of the vehicle to check what’s going on, you can use the cameras to have a 360-degree surround-view without taking your eyes away from the steering wheel and the road. 

  • Heated Seats And Heated Steering Wheel

If you’re living in colder areas, heated seats and a steering wheel are some of the essential car features you should have for your next car. When you’re driving in colder places during the winter months, there’s a high chance you’ll get distracted when you have a cold driver seat and steering wheel. When this happens, you can’t keep your focus on the road due to discomfort, and, as a result, you’re at risk of a car accident. 

To keep yourself and your passengers safe while driving your next car, it can be a good idea to ask if the car you’re considering comes with heated seats and a steering wheel. 

  • Fast USB Charging

Previously, the USB (Universal Serial Bus) outlet in cars only supports 0.5 amps, making the whole charging process very slow. This means that if you’re using a mobile app to play music while driving, your phone will still get empty even if it’s plugged in. 

Therefore, if you don’t want your phone’s battery to get empty while you’re on the road, make sure your next ride has fast USB charging ports. Fortunately, most new car brands and models these days can support up to 3 amps of charging capacity, which makes charging your phone much faster. 

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot

Nowadays, purchasing a car that comes with a Wi-Fi hotspot can be a great decision. With this essential car feature in place, you can do a lot of things using the Internet. For example, if you need to download some files for work, you can take advantage of your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot for this purpose. Also, if you’re going for a family road trip, your family members can use this feature to watch a movie online, play games, or even browse the Internet. 


The Bottom Line 

Indeed, choosing the best car isn’t just about checking its essential parts and conducting a test drive. But, it’s also about considering the vehicle’s features that’ll make you buy and hold into it for a long time. 

Therefore, if you’re searching for your next ride, keep these essential features and you’ll become more confident and happier about your buying decision.

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