BMW is one of the most popular luxury car brands, and owning this car model comes with high expectations on its performance and appearance. Luckily for you, what is lacking in your BMW can be acquired through the right upgrades and modifications. Here are seven BMW upgrades and modifications you should consider.

1.    Carbon fiber exhaust

Do you want to avoid excessive back-pressure or improve exhaust flow and provide more power to your BMW? Getting an original carbon fiber exhaust from Monaco Motorsports will enable you to achieve all this with the extra advantage of an improved aesthetic look. In addition, this upgrade will help improve your car’s handling and the sound of the engine.

2.    Carbon fiber spoilers

Carbon fiber spoilers have become essential if you want to enhance the look of your BMW to a more sophisticated one without breaking the bank. Backed by the confidence that this material cannot easily be produced in amateur environments, this upgrade is a great way to increase your car’s value.

3.     Headlight upgrade

Upgrading your headlights is an excellent way of ensuring you have better light output while making your car stand out from the crowd. The good news is that there are many BMW headlight kits for you to choose from, depending on your car’s model and needs. For some models, such as the 3-series and 5-series, you could even opt for projector headlights for the high performance you desire.

7 BMW Upgrades and Modifications You Should Consider

4.     Rear diffusers

A subtle addition to your BMW that can make a huge difference to its look while providing extra aerodynamic stability is a rear diffuser. The extra aggression that professionally designed diffusers offer will make your car look sportier, giving it an enhanced appeal that will turn heads wherever you go.

5.    New coil-overs and lowering springs

Get the best of improved functionality and enhanced appeal by getting new coil-overs and lowering springs. The increased stability of your car and the joys of a ride that handles better are primary reasons this is one of the most worthwhile upgrades of vehicle parts.  It is best to opt for coil-overs with adjustable compression and rebound or have them pre-adjusted during the installation for a smoother ride.

6.    Improved cold air intake system

The state of your BMW’s air intake and fuel delivery parts dictate its output, making them an area of primary interest if you want to improve your engine’s power. In turn, replacing your stock air intake system with an improved cold air intake system is an innovative way of attaining bigger internal combustion. This will lead to improvements in the quality and rate of your accelerations, making your BMW operate without any constrictions.

7.    Engine modification

As a luxury sports auto, your BMW is never fully upgraded until you take a look at the engine and replace its old parts with high-performance alternatives. Some of the engine parts you can go for to build the ultimate performance car include, upgraded can shaft, valve train, forged pistons, cylinder sleeves, fire rings, ARP head studs, and cylinder head port & polish.


Whether you own a classic or new-model BMW, these are some of the most effective ways to upgrade and modify your car for the appeal and performance that thrills you.

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