Since opening in 2010, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has cemented its place as one of the top theme parks and attractions in the United Arab Emirates.

This tourist destination attracts thousands of visitors locally and from different parts of the globe.

Also, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi currently holds various awards, most recent of which are the Middle East’s Leading Theme Park 2020 and the World’s Leading Theme Park 2020.

In addition, Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari-themed park is home to various record-breaking rides and attractions. These include the Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster, and Flying Aces, the world’s steepest roller coaster, fastest inclined cable lift, and tallest non-inverted loop.

Aside from these two attractions, visitors can enjoy and explore over 40 rides and features in this theme park.


Enjoying a Fun Day With Your Family in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

With its numerous rides and attractions, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of the best theme parks you should visit with your family.

And if you want your family to enjoy and get the most out of this trip, follow these tips for planning your first visit to this renowned destination:


  1. Purchase your tickets in advance.

When you buy your tickets in advance on the theme park’s website or app, you won’t have to spend time falling in line to purchase them on the day of your visit.

You and your family can skip the line at the ticket booth and go inside the park immediately. As such, you and your group will be able to spend more time going on different rides and attractions.

Also, when you purchase your tickets online in advance, you can likely get discounts, especially if you have a large group.

You can spend the money you save on snacks, meals, and souvenirs you can buy at the theme park.


  1. Create an itinerary with your family.

Although you are going to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi as a family, it doesn’t mean that you should stick together throughout your visit. This is something you can’t expect if you have teens and other adults in your group.

However, you can still spend time together by choosing activities that all of you can do together. These include having snacks and mealtimes together.

There are also several fun rides and attractions in the park that everyone in your family can go on regardless of age.

Keep these in mind when creating your itinerary.

Your itinerary, therefore, should cover all activities everyone plans to do as a group and individually. Set a time for the teens and adults to explore the park on their own.

Also, set a schedule for break times and mealtimes and choose rides and attractions that you can go on as a family.

Your itinerary should also include the times everyone should get up, leave for the theme park in the morning, and go home at night.


  1. Read about Ferrari World Abu Dhabi before your trip.

Exploring Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s website before your visit can help you identify the rides and attractions that have height and age restrictions and the ones that don’t.

As a result, you’ll be able to know which rides and features your younger children can and can’t go on. You can then create a list of attractions you can visit with them.

Visiting their website also allows you to know the park’s most popular rides. You can plan on going on them first and suggest to your teens and adult companions to do the same.

As the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa is the park’s most popular and sought-after ride. Its extreme height, death-defying speed, and stomach-churning swirls will definitely give you the thrill of your life.

Other must-try rides for teens and adults include the Flying Aces, Fiorano GT Challenge, Turbo Track, and Turbo Tower.

If you’re looking for rides and attractions suitable for everyone in your family, make a beeline for the Formula Rossa Junior, Flying Wings, Speedway Race, Bell ‘Italia, and Junior Grand Prix.


  1. Take note of important park rules.

While visiting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s website, read about the park rules and regulations you have to remember.

These include not bringing outside food and beverages since they are not allowed inside the park, except for children’s formula. 

However, you can bring water bottles, which you can refill here for free.

Don’t worry about getting thirsty and hungry while in the park since there are several restaurants and cafes here.

Also, wearing face masks is a must inside the park. Make sure everyone in your group has one and uses them correctly all the time.

Although it is not stated, ensure everyone in your group dresses modestly. Females should wear clothes that cover the shoulders, midriff, and knees.

Additionally, remind everyone to wear comfy walking shoes for ease of movement. Loose footwear such as flip flops and sandals are not allowed on some of the fast rides, so advise everyone to put on sneakers.

Also, you can rent a medium-sized locker to store all your belongings in so that you can move around the park freely without carrying a heavy bag.


  1. Plan on arriving early.

Whether you are living in or visiting Abu Dhabi and staying in a nearby hotel, plan on going to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi as early as possible.

Getting to the park as soon as it opens allows you and your family to get to the popular rides and attractions before the lines get too long. Additionally, your group can enjoy several outdoor activities here before it gets too hot.

When the crowds begin to arrive, you and your family will be ready for the indoor activities or a break in the shade.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opens at 12 p.m. Tuesdays to Saturdays. As such, plan on arriving before this time.


  1. Watch the shows.

Lastly, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has several shows featuring acrobats, gravity-defying stunts, optical illusions, and more.

Make sure you and your family watch these amazing shows and see the other attractions.  

The Cinema Maranello, for instance, gives visitors the chance to watch a film about the life of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari.

Your young children will love meeting the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi mascots, Berto the Mechanic, Benno the Mouse, and their friends trawling around the theme park. They will gladly pose for photographs.

These additional features ensure your family trip to Abu Dhabi will be more fun and memorable.

With these tips, you and your family will have such an enjoyable time at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi that you would definitely want to come back.

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