California is said to have some of the busiest roads in the USA, making them very dangerous. Many are injured on California highways daily. However, you can navigate the state’s roads without accidents and injuries with careful driving.

This article will give you tips for a smooth ride on California’s dangerous roads:

1. Stick To The Speed Limit

People in California generally drive fast. Somehow, they always seem to hurry to get to one place from another. Thus, you’ll encounter lots of traffic characterized by drivers exceeding the speed limit. As tempting as it may be to follow suit, avoid exceeding the speed limit.

In case of an emergency, it isn’t easy to come to a complete stop if you’re driving very fast. You’re also more likely to get severe injuries if you get into a car crash while speeding. These speedy drivers of California put their lives and even yours at risk.

If you find yourself a victim of reckless drivers, you have a right to seek compensation under the law. Check out Sacramento Car Accident Resources for more insight. Keep in mind that professionals best handle road accidents to ensure that parties are held responsible for the situation and victims are provided with proper support if needed.

2. Avoid Distractions

It’s important to avoid using your phone while driving anywhere. The busy and dangerous roads of California are not an exception. Therefore, you should never divide your attention while driving on these roads. Some of the things to avoid are:

  • Eating and drinking
  • Texting or calls
  • Noisy passengers
  • Kids or pets
  • Extremely loud music

Remember that safety comes first; if any pressing issues require your attention on the phone, you can always handle them once you reach your destination.

3. Handle Tailgating With Care

You’ll notice that tailgating is a common sight in California. No matter how fast you drive, people will tailgate you, and if you come to an unexpected stop, you’ll end up with a car on your back bumper, quite literally so. It’s essential always to use the safety features like seatbelts when you drive.

The following are a few tips to handle tailgating from other drivers effectively:

  • Remain in the second right lane to avoid impatient tailgating drivers who pass you on the right.
  • Pullover if you find yourself on a lane with restricted passing opportunities and you have five cars behind you.
  • Maintain a consistent speed

Try as much as possible to be mindful of the car behind you, especially if you’re driving in the left or second left lane of a major highway. If someone starts to tailgate you too closely, you can move back to the right lane.

4. Keep Right

In California, the general rule stipulates that you should stay on the right side of the road unless you’re overtaking another vehicle. Yes, it’s indeed not a crime to pass on the right in California. So, if you don’t intend to overtake a car traveling slowly, you should stay on the right.

If you pass another vehicle using the left side, go back to the center of the right lane so you can avoid other drivers moving to another lane to make way for you. The fact that you can pass other cars from either side while on the highway makes California roads dangerous. Thus, you need to stay alert.

6 Tips For A Smooth Ride On California's Dangerous Roads
6 Tips For A Smooth Ride On California’s Dangerous Roads

5. Change Lanes Carefully And Properly

Following rules can be tricky, especially if you’re on an exciting trip. However, you can’t afford to ignore road rules because any act of ignorance can result in a fatal accident. The following are basic steps you can follow when changing lanes in California:

  • Allow four to six seconds of space between your vehicle and the one in front before switching to another lane.
  • Check your review mirror followed by blind spots before you move over.
  • Indicate your intention to change lanes by using your turn signals.
  • Keep checking your mirrors for approaching vehicles and maintain a consistent speed.
  • Turn your steering wheel slowly until you settle into your new lane.

Follow these tips respectively to change lanes smoothly and avoid collisions. When turning your steering wheel to move into the new lane, don’t make rushed movements.

6. Use Hands-Free Devices

California was one of the first countries to request hands-free devices. However, using hands-free devices while behind the wheel is now a law in many states, and with good reason. The use of portable devices has caused an alarming number of road accidents.

In today’s world, you can earn yourself steep tickets for hand usage of mobile phones while driving. Luckily, lots of cars are now designed to make it easy for you to pair your phone so that you can receive calls through audio systems. All you have to do is set this up before you start navigating the busy and dangerous roads of California.


California’s roads are jam-packed, making them dangerous to navigate. However, having a smooth ride on these roads is possible. Use this guide for tips on how to achieve this. Should your budget permit, hiring a professional driver to take you around can also have its advantages.

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