In the past, travelers who didn’t drive their own vehicles had several commuting options such as taking the train, bus, cab, and other hired vehicles. However, it’s common to encounter issues when commuting, such as crowding, long waiting lines, and limited availability. In recent years, various breakthrough startup companies launched ride-hailing services as an innovative solution to these commuting dilemmas.

Ride-hailing services are available on mobile applications. Many of these applications can be downloaded for free and used instantly by creating an account. Once logged in, the user needs to identify their specific pick-up location as well as their drop-off point to “hail” a private vehicle to take them to their destination. Then, the travel fare can be paid either in cash or through virtual payment options.

If you’re thinking about giving ride-hailing services a try on your next commute, here are a few points you can consider to help you make a decision:


1. Comfortable Travel Experience

One of the most common problems in using public transport is overcrowding, which can cause stress and discomfort for passengers. Often, there’s not enough room in the vehicle to maintain personal space and allow comfortable movement when needed. It can also be a cause of concern over one’s privacy and security.

Using a private vehicle as a means of travel, such as ridehaling, may be more comfortable for most travelers. There’s an option to take the ride alone or with a selected company. You’ll also have a comfortable seating space guaranteed when you choose this mode of transport.


2. Vehicle Availability

There are certain times during the day when transportation is limited, especially in busy areas. For instance, one can expect many passengers waiting in long queues for taxis, buses, and trains during rush hour. It can also be difficult to hail a ride during holidays or other special occasions.

Ride-hailing services are usually more reliable as a means of transport during these times. Drivers using ride-hailing applications are notified of the higher demand for vehicles through the app. Because of the higher demand, the travel fare may slightly increase, making it favorable for more drivers to stay on the road and accept passengers. As a result, there’ll be more vehicles available when needed.


3. Travel Convenience

Public transport options, such as buses and trains, may require walking to stations or taking additional rides to get to the destination. It may be inconvenient for passengers who need to walk long distances or transfer from one ride to the next.

Meanwhile, ride-hailing services take passengers directly from Point A to Point B, without the need for walking or ride transfers. It’s ideal for those who don’t have easy access to public vehicles taking a direct route to destinations that they frequent.


4. Time-Efficiency

In many locations, trains and buses follow a specific schedule, which requires passengers to wait until they become available at a particular station. On the other hand, cabs may not always be available, especially during peak hours. Waiting for vehicle availability usually takes time, adding minutes and even hours to a person’s daily commute.

Aside from this, public transport vehicles usually have a specific route according to regulations, regardless of how busy the streets get. It usually results in long hours being stuck in traffic, which is inconvenient and troublesome for many passengers.

Compared to public transport, using a ride-hailing app is significantly more time-efficient. After booking a ride, it usually takes only a few minutes for the passenger to be picked up. Then, the driver can use navigation applications to choose the best routes with less traffic to shorten travel time. Also, there are no stops along the way, as the ride is set to go directly towards your destination.

6 Reasons To Choose Ride-Hailing Services


5. Cost-Effectiveness

Driving a private vehicle entails certain expenses, such as parking fees, fuel, and car maintenance. While it can be more comfortable to travel using your own car, it can sometimes be inconvenient given the additional costs it would incur.

In contrast, using ride-hailing services can be more cost-effective for many travelers, especially those who travel short distances. While using the app, you can compare prices to see the lowest fare available, and you can also choose ride-sharing options where you’ll be sharing the vehicle with other passengers. Ride-sharing fares are typically lower because some travel charges are divided among the passengers, resulting in a reduced fare for each rider.


6. Safety

Ride-hailing service companies set specific standards and regulations to select qualified and trustworthy drivers using their mobile applications to find passengers. To protect the passengers’ safety and security, all the drivers go through a screening and profiling process. They are required to submit certifications and documents before they’re permitted to use the app. Aside from this, their vehicles are also assessed to ensure that they meet government and regulatory board standards.

Aside from this, there are in-app security and safety features that allow passengers to send inquiries, feedback, and complaints to a dedicated customer service team 24/7. You can let the company know if you felt unsafe or noticed anything untoward during your ride through these channels. These concerns will be dealt with accordingly. For instance, ride-hailing companies have the technology to prevent you from being paired with the same driver when you give them a low rating or negative feedback.

In case of road accidents, both drivers and passengers are usually covered by insurance following terms and conditions. To know more about safety standards, you can visit the ride-hailing company’s website or contact their customer service.



Using ride-hailing services offers numerous advantages to the regular commuter. It provides convenience, comfort, availability, cost and time efficiency, as well as safety for the passenger. While using other means of transport may be beneficial in some ways, having a reliable alternative is also ideal, especially if you travel frequently.

Riders can choose from several ride-hailing apps, depending on their location, requirements, and preferences. You can compare the services they offer as well as the costs to know which one would work best for you. Also, you can read reviews and customer feedback online to know which ride-hailing app would suit your needs best.


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