Road accident with damage to vehicles as a result of a collision

Engaging in a collision is one of the most unfortunate events that may happen to you. However, it could be more catastrophic and devastating if the crash involves a commercial truck, such as an 18-wheeler loader. You’ll find these trucks mostly on the interstate and national highways. So, be very extra careful when there’s one on the road approaching and maintain a distance.

However, there are instances when truck collisions are inevitable, leaving you with life-changing and catastrophic injuries. Usually, these fatal accidents happen due to the negligence of one person. If such cases occur, you have the right to file a claim against the party at fault because it doesn’t sound right to pay for your own medical treatments for the accident you didn’t cause. 

On the other hand, getting compensation may not be as easy as it seems, especially when other parties are involved, such as insurance companies and the legal department. That’s why in this case, it’d be best to hire someone in the legal field to fight for you, such as Stephens Law and other outstanding law firms. 

In addition, here are the steps you need to take after a collision with a commercial truck: 

1.Seek Medical Help As Soon As Possible

After an accident, immediately check yourself and your companions if you have damages and injuries in any part of your body. If you seem okay, it’d still be best to call an emergency ambulance for assistance to make sure that everything, including your internal system, is in good condition.

There are instances where people think there’s nothing wrong with them, but in the real sense, their bodies have sustained injuries that would later attack them and become severe. So, whether you’re feeling okay or not, the best thing to do after the collision or any accident is to call an ambulance and have yourself appropriately examined. 

In addition, late examination of your condition can affect your compensation amount. This occurs when the at-fault party proves that your condition worsens because you fail to ask for medical help as early as possible. That’s another reason why this step is crucial for your claims.

Also, always obey your doctor’s instructions, especially when they say not to do something. You don’t want them to go against your side as all your works to get your compensation will be in vain. Doctors are legal witnesses, and their words or statements matter the most in court. 

2.Call The Police Authorities

This step usually goes interchangeably with the previous one. If you think you can still move properly, you might need to call the police for assistance immediately. As you call for the police, the dispatcher will ask you basic questions that you need to answer, such as where you are located and if you’re in grave danger. 

Whether you’re in danger or not, the dispatcher will give you an ambulance with a team of police officers who will do the initial investigation of the said collision. When they arrive, expect a series of questions about the accident. Remember, never mention anything that has nothing to do with their questions, such as pointing fingers at who to blame for the accident. 

The police authorities will also ask the other party for documentation and report. When they finish creating the police report, make sure to get your hands on a copy of it. It may not be admissible as substantial evidence in court, but it can help your legal team determine who’s at fault. 

3.Document The Evidence At The Accident Scene

Remember, only proceed with this step if you’re not injured in any other way or if the accident isn’t serious enough to make you go to the hospital as soon as possible. Also, only do this if there are no potential dangers outside, which can injure you more. 

You may start by gathering all the evidence you can get, such as taking a picture of the accident scene. When you take photos using your smartphone, make sure to include the damages your vehicle got from the collision and the position of your car. Also, you would need to document the color of the truck, its company, and the plate number. 

In case you miss something, here’s the list of information you need to get: 

  • The other driver’s details, including his name, contact information, and address
  • The other driver’s insurance policy number
  • The other driver’s license
  • The trucking company’s details, including the name, contact information, and address

You may also check the weather if it’s one reason for the collision, especially if it affects your visibility. 

4.Gather Witness Information

An eyewitness is considered as the vital turning point of all legal cases. They provide unbiased statements that the court will automatically accept as substantial evidence and can make you win in an instant as long as they’re on your side. 

Truck with wooden gavel and scales of justice. 3D rendering

You don’t have to get their statements. You can let your lawyer or the police do it for you. However, it’d be best to get their approval to be one of your representatives in court. You may also ask for their details, such as their full name and contact details to make sure your lawyer can talk to them as much as possible. 

5.Keep Your Mouth Shut As Much As Possible

In this kind of accident, most people tend to be mad at the truck driver, saying unpleasant words. Remember, doing this won’t make things work for you. It could be the other way around. When people are mad, they tend to say something that they don’t actually mean, and sometimes, this can put them in a bad spot. So, the best you can do in this situation is to stay calm and keep your head cool to avoid damaging your case and affecting your compensation.

Another tip, don’t admit anything, even if you know that you’re partially or entirely at fault. Keep this talk between you and your lawyer. Remember, you might be responsible, but there are other factors that could reduce your liability, and your lawyer will help you find these and serve them in court.


Final Words

Commercial truck accidents constantly increase and occur in hundreds of thousands each year. Also, a collision with them would significantly affect your life. You may not be able to do your usual activities, such as working and you might die because of it. While these steps may help you after an accident, it’d still be best to prevent it from happening at all costs.

The best way to avoid these unfortunate accidents is by observing the road carefully and avoiding any distractions that would lead you to a collision with a truck. Furthermore, call your lawyer immediately to help you begin your first step if these cases occur. 

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