Subaru XV review

The purpose of vehicles goes beyond the importance of control and autonomy; sometimes, it also serves as a person’s status symbol. And as the car industry continues to develop and innovate, people now have access to a plethora of car types, brands, models, colors, and so on. One specific kind of car that earned the hearts of many car owners is sport-utility vehicles, otherwise referred to as SUVs.

If you’re in the middle of your car-shopping journey, you need to know what variables and aspects to take note of when planning to purchase a new SUV. While buying cars entail heftier investments than buying other gadgets, it’s understandable why you need to put more significance in your decision-making process.

To give you a head start on what things to consider when selecting the perfect SUV, check out the following details:


  1. Fuel Consumption

It’s natural to consider fuel efficiency when you’re planning to purchase a new car. After all, you want a vehicle that won’t guzzle on so much gasoline. While it’s often expected that SUVs consume more fuel than other car types, it’d be worth the research to know which specific brand or model can mediate your monthly gas expenses.

If you’ve been reading information online about cars such as Subaru XV review and other vehicle types, you probably want to know how much gas they burn. From there, you can compare each brand and model type and consider whether their fuel consumption is a strength or a weakness.

Since these sports utility cars are bulkier and heavier, they need to work harder and consume more gas. Although they come with more fuel requirements, the sense of adventure and off-road driving capabilities are all worth the gas budget. By carefully considering this aspect, you can decide whether an SUV is a good investment vehicle for you.


  1. Seating Capacity

At least five people can fit in most SUVs. However, other SUV brands or models could offer a changeable third-row seat, which adds two more people to the car. When deciding on what kind of SUV to purchase, you’ll need to think of the seating capacity, especially if you have a larger family.

For instance, having a bigger seating capacity would come in handy if you often go on trips with extended families or the entire gang of friends. Otherwise, having a five-capacity SUV is already a good choice if you live by yourself or a partner and aren’t into large group travels.


  1. Budget

Buying a new SUV requires you to consider your budget carefully as well. You’d want to know if you can splurge on electric-powered autos, luxury SUVs, or an average sedan car. In ideal circumstances, you should compute how much you can afford by taking a look at your monthly earnings. Also, consider other bulk living expenses you have like house loans or rentals, insurance, utilities, credit card bills, and other things. When you could sum these all up and see that you could somehow afford to own an SUV, then that’s a good sign. 

The good news is there are car loans, promotions, discounts, and other alternative ways to purchase a vehicle. And when you consider a limited budget restricted to buying a second-hand SUV, don’t fret because you can snatch a good deal online for fairly priced but in excellent condition second-hand vehicles as well. A little research on the different models of SUVs on the market shouldn’t cause a problem, considering many options. 


  1. Towing Feature 

One great feature of SUVs is their capability to tow another vehicle, with the limitation of trucks. The largest models can tow significant weight of cars and motorcycles. Even middle-sized SUVs can boast this feature but with lower towing capacity. Whether you’re thinking of towing an extended vehicle or you just want to consider towing capacity in case of emergency purposes, it’s a feature that you need to take a look at. Choose a larger towing capacity if you intend to use this feature more often.

make driving easier

  1. Technology

The technology in modern SUVs is quite advanced. Some have touch screens, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, and other helpful tech features that make driving easier. They even have backup cameras that aid in reverse parking. When choosing the best SUV to buy, think of what technological features are valuable and essential for you. You’ll never know how these features can help make your driving more comfortable and convenient, so take some time to familiarize yourself with such features and their purposes.



Buying any vehicle will require enough time to research, read reviews online, and study different models and brands. The exact process goes to when you want to buy an SUV. With the tips mentioned above, you’ll know which features and characteristics to focus on when you want to compare several choices of SUV types. Remember to match your purchase to your budget, needs, and lifestyle, so you won’t have regrets later.

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