Getting into an accident can be complicated and shocking at the same time. Sometimes, the shock gets deep into you, affecting your ability to decide what you should do next. While you won’t know when you’ll get into an accident, it pays to know what you should do when it happens. You must know the steps to take right after the accident and during the police investigation. If you have a lawyer at your disposal, this could help you set out things quickly.

The thing with accidents is that you need to deal with compensation or any liabilities after the incident. If you’re from California, the best motorcycle accident attorneys in Orange County can help. They can inform you about the reasonable compensation to get and also assist you with your claim with the insurance company.

Here are five mistakes people make after an accident. Make sure to take note of these mistakes so you won’t commit them when you get into an accident:

1. Leaving the scene of the accident

After the accident, it’s very easy to get nervous and confused. If you leave the scene, other people and even the authorities might hold you liable for the incident. This might put your name in jeopardy. In addition, there are state-mandated procedures you should follow when involved in a car accident. Failure to do so can lead to criminal charges and financial responsibilities for the damages that have taken place. Moreover, you might also be charged with a hit-and-run case, especially if the damages are serious.

2. Ignoring your medical needs

Apart from abiding by the law, you also have the responsibility to take care of yourself. Doing so can help you think more clearly and prepare yourself for the next steps to take. If you ignore your medical needs, chances are it might get much worse and lead to more severe injuries, stress, and even trauma.

You also need to have a record in the hospital that you can use as proof that an accident really happened. If you can, call your doctor or go to the nearest hospital for a medical certificate and health assessment.

3. Failing to report the accident to the police

A police officer will collect the evidence and facts from witnesses for the report. This report is needed by your lawyer to pursue compensation for your medical needs. Don’t ignore the importance of a police officer because their report will be used as evidence in court.

If the other party offers you compensation, and you’re sure that they will indeed pay, you will still need the written report done by the officer at the end of the day. But aside from the police report, you’ll also need the witnesses’ accounts. Make sure to keep a note of what they are saying. However, the police will collect footage from CCTV cameras to be sure.

5 Common Mistakes People Make After a Car Accident


4. Failing to report the accident to your lawyer

As soon as the accident occurs, don’t forget to call your lawyer. Any accident that causes death or injuries can have unclear data. A car accident lawyer may help you file your lawsuit if the other party is reckless and negligent, most especially if it is their fault.

5. Mistakenly accepting responsibility for the accident

The advantage of having a personal injury lawyer is that they will tell you not to accept any responsibility if you have been in an accident. Even though you believe you are the one responsible, you still can’t be sure, unless all angles of the case are investigated. For all you know, the other party is also accountable without your knowledge.

Nevertheless, you will lose all your worries and guilt after all the facts are brought to light. Together with the authorities, your personal injury lawyer will help you get the points, and the right action to take after everything is clear and settled.


Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, especially on the road. How you handle the situation can make the accident better or worse. However, you can escape the deceitfulness of the other party in case they want you to take all the blame. Have a good lawyer by your side so you can get through your day with less hassle and learn the best steps to take to avoid further problems.

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