For those of you who want to rent a car at a car rental, Bk Rent Car suggests renting a car with a direct driver. Especially for those of you who can’t drive or don’t know the road you’re going through.


By using the services of a driver, you can save energy when on vacation, if you drive a car it can consume quite a bit of energy. By using the services of a driver, you can enjoy your vacation trip.


Using the services of your driver can minimize car responsibilities such as loss or accident. The driver in the car rental must be a driver who has experience in driving and can take care of the vehicle properly.

Not Afraid to Get Lost

When you use the services of a driver, you can minimize getting lost while driving. Car rentals provide drivers who are experienced and know about traveling in Indonesia. Because they are used to and memorize the roads that will be passed.

Car Rental Driver As Tour Guide

The driver that you will accompany your trip can be used as a tour guide during your trip. They can guide and introduce you to the culture of an area.

The choice of using a driver has become a package in a car rental, especially for the Jakarta area. Choosing to use a car rental service plus a driver can provide its own advantages on your vacation trip.

Important Requirements to Become a Professional Personal Driver

Becoming a private driver is one of the informal jobs that can be an option for you who have good driving skills. Driver services may sound easy, but don’t think that everyone can drive, but not everyone can drive comfortably. Being a driver is also a matter of how to drive, shifting the transmission and how to step on the gas and brakes greatly affect comfort.

For salary, being a driver is also quite promising, you know. If you may be interested in becoming a driver, check out these few things so that you can become the driver of your dreams!

Being a private driver has a big responsibility for the comfort and safety of passengers during the trip. You are required to stay focused and be in top condition while driving to safely arrive at your destination.

To become a personal driver, whether for a company or for personal use, there are at least a few conditions that you must fulfill, as follows:

1. Driving License (SIM)

The first and mandatory requirement to become a private driver is to have a driver’s license. Having a driver’s license is a non-negotiable thing for a driver. Every driver or driver is required to have a driver’s license and how to get it must go through a driving test.

2. Physically and Spiritually Healthy

Before driving, a driver must ensure that he is physically and mentally healthy. To make sure you are healthy, you can check with the health center or hospital. This is for the comfort and safety of passengers and you.
As a driver you must not be under the influence of alcohol before driving.

4 Advantages of Hiring a Car Using a Driver

3. Proficient Driving

A car driver does not only drive but must know how to drive properly and correctly. This is so that when on the highway they are not reckless and still obey all traffic signs for the safety and security of all.

For this reason, when you become a driver, it is important to have an alert and calm attitude.

4. Memorize the Route

Knowing the road is also a requirement to be a driver. Because you are the one who will be relied on to get to your destination on time safely. Even though there is now digital map technology, such as GPS or Google Maps, you must know and memorize the routes and locations in the area.

The ability to read maps is also important and you must master it, because if one day you visit a new place, you don’t spend a lot of time on the road because you get lost.

Likewise with important places such as restaurants, hospitals, and others. So if you want to apply to become a car driver, it’s a good idea to update your knowledge of the roads in your area.

5. Understanding the Signs

As a good driver and obedient to traffic, being a driver must also understand the signs. Each sign certainly has a different meaning. For example, what is the maximum speed allowed, is it permissible to overtake the vehicle in front, and so on.

6. Neat appearance

Appearance should also be considered. You must dress neatly when driving. For clothing, try to use a shirt, or a collared shirt, if needed, the shirt is also tucked in and uses a belt. Also try not to long hair, and combed neatly, nails are not long and dirty.

What are the Job Prospects of a Private Driver?

The prospect of becoming a private driver is quite good, because everyone needs the services of a driver. Especially if you already have experience, your chances of getting a job will be easier. Or you can also join a driver outsourcing service to help you get a job as a professional driver.

His careers are also varied, they can be company private drivers, hire security in London, daily professional drivers, or also freight transport drivers.

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