3 Things to Consider before You Invest in a Custom Canopy for Your Outdoor Advertising

Wow! The great outdoors, and some of the times, it feels great to promote your brand and products using custom canopy tents. Then, rain, high winds, heat, and other climatic conditions make outdoor advertising a bit challenging. However, if you choose the best, custom canopy for your outdoor event, advertising is fun. You need durable material to keep your business possessions, employees, and customers protected.

According to an article published in Forbes, people look at outdoor advertising, be it canopy tents or billboards. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through the five things you need to factor in when opting for a custom canopy for outdoor advertising. Read on to learn more.

  1. Know the weather

When scouting for canopy tents for your upcoming event, you need to factor in the climatic conditions first. Would you be up against heavy downpours, the extreme heat of the sun, high winds, or cold bone-chilling winds? Knowing the local weather forecast will help you choose the best canopy tent for your business promotion under the open sky.

If heavy downpours are a concern as per the forecast, pick out water-resistant material and a rustproof frame. You will also like to choose a canopy tent with side coverings, gutters, flooring for managing heavy rains and high winds. Again, if blistering heat is your worst enemy, choose a material that comes with a UV-resistant cloth or fabric. You can also opt for a custom canopy with side covers to keep the heat at bay from various angles.

  1. Think of the location

Next, you need to understand the location you choose for your outdoor advertising and canopy tent. If it is quite a distance from your place of business, you will need to travel with a team to install the canopy. Usually, you will find other booths and tents to compete with your business, and therefore, you need to opt for custom canopies with an eye-catching design, logo, and tagline.

If you are to compete with other businesses, choose an outdoor canopy tent that is bigger and visible from a distance. When the competition is tough, you will need to pick a larger canopy tent to grab the attention of your prospective customers.

3 Things to Consider before You Invest in a Custom Canopy for Your Outdoor Advertising

If you are setting up your tent on challenging terrain, you will need a custom canopy that is flexible and portable. In simple, you should be able to carry the tent with ease. You can look for an inflatable tent or instant canopy.

  1. Focus on the canopy size

No matter what business event you are planning to participate in, canopy size matters. Usually, larger tents will take up more space and fit more of your possessions and employees. Then, bigger tents are expensive and more labor-intensive to install. On the contrary, smaller tents occupy little space and accommodate fewer people. Again, smaller canopies are easy to carry and set up and therefore, the preferred choice for vendor booths, sports teams, and other small-sized businesses.

Final thoughts

Keep these things in mind before choosing a custom canopy tent for your outdoor marketing. Size, portability, and weatherproof materials are the key things to consider. Make an informed buying decision.

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