Something old, something new — trans identities are not up for outsider debate

Earlier this year (way back in March), columnist for The Nation Katha Pollitt wrote an article titled “Who Has Abortions?” Pollitt’s thesis was essentially that as some organizations shifted to move inclusive language around issues of reproductive rights, women were being erased. For instance, saying “pregnant people” as opposed to “pregnant women.” (Why “pregnant people?” Well, […]

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A Letter Re: Why blaming Leelah Alcorn’s parents only compounds the bigotry.”

Hi, Meghan; I’m Parker.

Earlier today, I had an opportunity to read your L.A. Times op-ed, “Why blaming Leelah Alcorn’s parents only compounds the bigotry,” and I can’t help but feel as though you’ve misconstrued a number of factors in the path to forming your opinion.

Now, I noticed that though you had a chance […]

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4 Times Cleveland’s Plain Dealer Has Been Awful About Trans People

Like many print media outlets, The Cleveland Plain Dealer has fallen on hard times. Last year, “Ohio’s largest news source” (yeah, but who are you competing against?) announced that they would be laying off employees and reducing home delivery to just 3 days a week. Over the course of the past […]

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Breaking Down The New Yorker’s TERFy, Transphobic, Ahistorical Noise

I thought the J Nelson Aviance Huffpost tantrum was a fluke. I thought that’d be the end of me annotating writing. Well, I thought wrong.

Everyone’s favorite fake liberal Michelle Goldberg is back, and taking on “radical feminism vs. ‘transgenderism.'” Now, first, anyone actually using the term “transgenderism” in an unironic way can politely go screw […]

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Parody: If we lived in a world without double-standards

If we lived in a world without double standards, the same people pushing back on homophobic language would also take a stand on transphobic language.

I present: “A Few Words From a Real, Live C*cksucking Fag: Transphobia Edit,” based on the essay “A Few Words From a Real, Live C*cksucking Fag” by Noah Michelson

[edit: […]

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RuPaul; Morally Mandating Trans Women Out of Existence Since the Early 90s

I’ve written a number of editorials about the use of transphobic language within lesbian, gay, and bisexual (okay, primarily gay) circles, and I’ve frequently expressed my frustration with the continued pushback.

I recently reported on use of the word “she-male” (alternate spelling: “shemale”) on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m used to […]

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It was wrong of me to compare transmisogyny to racism

Last week, Steve Friess wrote a piece for TIME, titled, “Don’t Applaud Jared Leto’s Transgender ‘Mammy’“. The editorial goes on to discuss Hattie McDaniel’s portrayal of Mammy in Gone With the Wind, talking about Hollywood patting themselves on the back, acting as though they were being progressive in awarding McDaniel the 1940 Best […]

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Joss Whedon Makes Transphobic Joke, Refuses to Apologize

Monday on Twitter, writer Joss Whedon responded to a question from Kyle McManus. McManus asked the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Buffy writer for “Advice on writing strong female leads in a comic book?”

Whedon replied, simply, “Must value strength but also community and not have peeny/balls.” In what was likely a poorly thought-out joke, Whedon’s response was viewed […]

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UPDATED: CNN Features Massively Transphobic Article, I Write the Author

CNN’s iReport featured a piece by Richard Lucas about California’s School Success and Opportunity Act. Lucas, who doesn’t appear to have any first-hand knowledge of transgender issues, demonstrates some of the worst misconceptions the general public have about trans issues, especially those about “the bathroom.”

Hi Richard –

Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat […]

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The Problem with Conservative Transgender Representation

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