2101, 2015

VIDEO: Leelah Alcorn and Life as a Transgender Woman

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1501, 2015

A Letter Re: Why blaming Leelah Alcorn’s parents only compounds the bigotry.”

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Hi, Meghan; I’m Parker.

Earlier today, I had an opportunity to read your L.A. Times op-ed, “Why blaming Leelah Alcorn’s parents only compounds the bigotry,” and I can’t help but feel as though you’ve misconstrued a number of factors in the path to forming your opinion.

Now, I noticed that though you had a chance to chat […]

809, 2014

About that New York Magazine Cover Story

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Last night, someone sent me a link to the cover story for the current issue of New York Magazine, “The Trans-Everything CEO,” a profile of Martine Rothblatt, the highest-paid female CEO in the America (who also happens to be transgender). As much as that headline made me a bit leery, the actual imagery […]

2207, 2014

Breaking Down HuffPost’s “I am NOT cisgendered” Tantrum

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Recently, Huffington Post Gay Voices decided to run an editorial by J. Nelson Aviance about how hard it is being a white, cisgender man. Life is tough!

Given that HuffPo Gay Voices will publish anything that falls in line with editor Noah Michelson’s personal worldview, Aviance’s piece was thrown up and promoted  — with gusto! It’s […]

1707, 2014

Science Magazine’s Attempt to Highlight HIV Epidemic Backfires

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1607, 2014

Wednesday Reading List: July 16, 2014

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Admittedly, I got a little backlogged, and I’d forgotten about my reading list posts. Sorry about that.  Basically, my goal here is to highlight some of the best writing from trans women all over the internet. Enjoy!
Aoife – Trig Reciprocal Functions: I’m a Trans Woman Adjunct Prof and I Use Trigger Warnings
Having lived until this […]

1507, 2014

On relationships and the struggle associated with transition

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During the past day, I’ve come across two blogs that just absolutely broke my heart, but for completey different reasons.

Helen Boyd, author of My Husband Betty and She’s Not the Man I Married, wrote a beautiful post about her and her wife’s 13th wedding anniversary. In the piece, she discusses the challenges that come with […]

707, 2014

Feast of Fun podcast #2007 – Obama Steps His P*ssy Up

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In which we discuss my most recent Rolling Stone article about President Obama’s trans-inclusive executive order, the difference between gender identity and gender expression, my sex life, plastic surgery, Burger King, and why it’s time to make peace with Dan Savage.

1205, 2014

Trans News Update – 5.11.14 – #1

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I’m hoping to put together a video roughly once every week or so, giving a quick overview of trans current events.

Below are links to the full stories.

1.) Jane Doe –

2.) Trans Military –

3.) New York Name Change –

4.) Ore. Man Accused of Discrimination, Runs for Office –

5.) OITNB star joins MichFest, […]

2003, 2014

RuPaul; Morally Mandating Trans Women Out of Existence Since the Early 90s

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I’ve written a number of editorials about the use of transphobic language within lesbian, gay, and bisexual (okay, primarily gay) circles, and I’ve frequently expressed my frustration with the continued pushback.

I recently reported on use of the word “she-male” (alternate spelling: “shemale”) on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m used to pushback on […]