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Scott Walker’s LGBT Balancing Act

In an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Al Hunt, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker lauds the effectiveness of their anti-discrimination law that is “very similar to .” He then follows this up by pointing out that the state has a constitutional amendment  banning same-sex marriage. In his mind, this constitutes a “healthy balance.”

I have to […]

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Credit Where Credit is Due: ENDA Edition

With ENDA clearing the 60 vote threshold to pass out of the Senate, sending it to the House (where it likely won’t even be brought up for a vote), I wanted to use this opportunity to highlight one of the most powerful things said during the last time this bill was […]

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Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

On several occasions, I’ve been asked why I’m so open about the fact that I am a transgender woman. No, I’m not walking down the street with a sign on my back that tells people that I lived the first 26 years of my life publicly identifying as a male, but I am very open […]

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What Do You Have to Gain by Dehumanizing Us?

What do you have to gain by calling Chelsea Manning “him,” “he,” or her birth name? Are you so insecure about your own gender identity that you worry that if she’s allowed to be herself, you’ll be less of a man or less than a woman as a result? Really, what’s it to you?

Yes, she […]

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California’s School Success and Opportunity Act (AB1266) Will Save Lives

Apparently, what used to be called, "providing basic human decency," is now, "political correctness run amok!" Apparently, it's more important to indulge ridiculous hypotheticals like, "what if a boy just says he's a girl one day so he can go in the girl's bathroom?!"

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[attracting more bees with honey than vinegar: on attacking our allies]





[Edit – 4/4/2013: after digging more into this topic, doing a bit more research, and learning of even more recent events, my opinion previously expressed in this post has changed fairly dramatically. Until HRC makes a true commitment to trans rights – which they still […]

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