2101, 2015

VIDEO: Leelah Alcorn and Life as a Transgender Woman

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1501, 2015

A Letter Re: Why blaming Leelah Alcorn’s parents only compounds the bigotry.”

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Hi, Meghan; I’m Parker.

Earlier today, I had an opportunity to read your L.A. Times op-ed, “Why blaming Leelah Alcorn’s parents only compounds the bigotry,” and I can’t help but feel as though you’ve misconstrued a number of factors in the path to forming your opinion.

Now, I noticed that though you had a chance to chat […]

1112, 2014

“The Gay Agenda”

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My work here is done. *dusts off hands*

My niece: ‘so your sister nini (@unique_owl) has a girlfriend and they kiss like you and Parker (@ParkerMolloy). When I grow up I want..

— Kayla (@AvantGardeLady) December 11, 2014

@unique_owl @ParkerMolloy … a girlfriend too, but I can’t right now because I’m little.’ Hahahahahahaha YES

— Kayla (@AvantGardeLady) December 11, […]

2407, 2014

Why I Secretly Hoped New Hampshire’s Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Amendment Would Crash and Burn

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Earlier this year, the New Hampshire state legislature debated a measure that would have given voters the opportunity to enshrine protections on the basis of sexual orientation into the state constitution. The state, which already has a law on the books providing these protections, saw a constitutional amendment as a more permanent solution, unable to […]

707, 2014

Feast of Fun podcast #2007 – Obama Steps His P*ssy Up

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In which we discuss my most recent Rolling Stone article about President Obama’s trans-inclusive executive order, the difference between gender identity and gender expression, my sex life, plastic surgery, Burger King, and why it’s time to make peace with Dan Savage.

2611, 2013

Scott Walker’s LGBT Balancing Act

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In an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Al Hunt, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker lauds the effectiveness of their anti-discrimination law that is “very similar to .” He then follows this up by pointing out that the state has a constitutional amendment  banning same-sex marriage. In his mind, this constitutes a “healthy balance.”
I have to wonder, “a […]

2311, 2013

Gay Dudes, Can You Just Not?

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Dear gay dudes:

James Nichols at Huffington Post has been posting a series on drag culture/Brooklyn nightlife to the “Gay Voices” page over there. As someone who frequently writes for HP GV, I tend to read what else is going on over there. In his latest installment, Nichols interviewed a drag queen by the name of […]

1711, 2013

The Transgender Community™

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I never quite know how to answer questions about “the transgender community.” To me, the Transgender Community™ is a product of the greater LGBT-industrial complex, just s neat way to classify those of us on the island of misfit toys. Trans individuals are just as diverse and complex as any other grouping of people.

Liberal, conservative; […]

1311, 2013

“Because We Can”: How Society Justifies Transgender Discrimination

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I recently read about Alissah Brooks, a transgender woman from Atlanta, Georgia, and her recent run-in with a bouncer who denied her entry to a club on the basis of her gender identity. For those who haven’t yet read this story, after attending a GLAAD event in Atlanta, Brooks and a few friends stopped at […]

1111, 2013

A bit of a rambling tangent on “what it’s like to be a man”

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I really don’t know what it is to “be a guy.” Sure, I lived as one for the majority of my life, but when people ask what it’s like to be able to “see both sides,” I don’t really have an answer. I could very easily give you a comparison of what it’s like to […]