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Breaking Down the Media’s Sense of Sexual Entitlement

Huffington Post Gay Voices editor Noah Michelson recently wrote a blog about the forcible outing of actor Jonathan Bennett. What seemed like it might be an awesome piece about how we should respect one another, and understand that the information we share is very personal — whether discussing your sexuality, gender, eating habits, […]

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Breaking Down HuffPost’s “I am NOT cisgendered” Tantrum

Recently, Huffington Post Gay Voices decided to run an editorial by J. Nelson Aviance about how hard it is being a white, cisgender man. Life is tough!

avianceGiven that HuffPo Gay Voices will publish anything that falls in line with editor Noah Michelson’s personal worldview, Aviance’s […]

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On relationships and the struggle associated with transition

During the past day, I’ve come across two blogs that just absolutely broke my heart, but for completey different reasons.

Helen Boyd, author of My Husband Betty and She’s Not the Man I Married, wrote a beautiful post about her and her wife’s 13th wedding anniversary. In the piece, she discusses the challenges that […]

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Wednesday Reading List: Jan. 29, 2014

Papier Hache – Transgender Pathologization – Kat Haché


It doesn’t matter to these people and to our society that the actual “reality” of the situation (one that transgender people know quite well and have faced on a deeper level than these […]

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Enough about me; let’s talk about me

Holy hell, what a year 2013 has been. An emotional roller coaster, for sure, but overall, a year that brought with it a lot of personal growth and professional direction.

It was only in August that my first article was published anywhere other than a personal blog (or this site). Since then, I’ve had […]

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Thanksgiving Video Update

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Gay Dudes, Can You Just Not?

Dear gay dudes:

James Nichols at Huffington Post has been posting a series on drag culture/Brooklyn nightlife to the “Gay Voices” page over there. As someone who frequently writes for HP GV, I tend to read what else is going on over there. In his latest installment, Nichols interviewed a drag queen by the name of […]

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Separate but (Un)equal: Trans Bathroom Edition

Last week, I wrote an article that appeared on the Huffington Post, titled, The Coming Storm: ‘Controversial’ Transgender Stories. The point of the article was to highlight the beginning of what will surely be a long line of stories related to transgender kids in California over the next year, as AB1266 goes into effect.

Students […]

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Transgender People in the Media: I’m Never Surprised

When a media outlet calls a trans woman a “man,” I’m not surprised. When a website asks trans children questions about “the surgery,” I’m not surprised. When a television network feels the need to include a trans person’s “real name” in reporting, I’m not surprised.

While none of this surprises me, it all disappoints me.

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (What’s in a Name?)

Among the most basic of American principles is the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” To erase one’s identity, to render them an invisible segment of society, is to deny them true life.

Last week, Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, announced to the general public something transgender activists have known for […]

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