On Chelsea Manning: “you expect the tax payers to cover this?”

Yes, absolutely.

Do prisons provide insulin to individuals who suffer from diabetes? Yes. Do prisons provide antidepressants to prisoners suffering from depression? Yes. Do prisons provide chemotherapy to […]

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“Do you suffer from low testosterone?” “YES! INTENTIONALLY!”

You know those “low testosterone” commercials? The ones that usually feature men doing manly things like construction, playing football or just being dude-like? “Do you suffer from depression, fatigue, decreased sex drive, or weight gain?” Um, yeah, that’s kind of what happens to people as they get older. Those are freaking ridiculous.

Could you imagine […]

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Vacation, bathing suit, anxiety

I traveled to Michigan this past weekend with my girlfriend and one of our other friends. We stayed at our friend’s family’s lakeside cottage. We had a lot of fun. I wore a bathing suit (top) in public for the first time ever. That was… that was an intense feeling. There were certain very familiar […]

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Shut your brain off, stop worrying

“What can I get you ladies?,” said the barista at the first floor Starbucks, to a co-worker and me.

“I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to be constantly aware of how others are viewing you, always paying attention to signals that let you know who they see you as. That’s got to […]

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life’s tiny celebrations

I’m now approaching the 6 month mark of starting hormone replacement therapy. I’ve just passed the 1 month mark of transitioning at work. The 1 year mark of coming out to my partner about being trans is coming up next month. Two weeks from now, I’ll have my name & gender updated on my drivers […]

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[work, transition, going full time]

I certainly haven’t kept up with updating my blog, and it’s for good reason: I’m now able to be me 24/7. Do I feel relieved? Certainly! Do I feel anxious? Yep! Overall, though, I’m happy with the decision to transition when I did.

Work has been… work has actually been pretty okay. Roughly 4 weeks ago, […]

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[the sound of music]

So, I’m finding that my taste in music has changed in a somewhat significant way since starting HRT. I have to wonder if there’s science behind this. Over the past few months, what had become almost a general disinterest in music during the past several years completely changed to cravings to listen to bands I […]

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[HRT update: 100 days]

100 days, 100 photos

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[figuring out when to transition on the job]

So, I’m waiting on my work’s HR department to get back to me with some details regarding their policy when it comes to trans individuals transitioning at work. I sent an e-mail to HR, outing myself as trans, in December, and I’ve been waiting (patiently/impatiently, whatever) for them to get back to me with some […]

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[HRT Update: Day 60 (2 months)]

Alright… 2 months down. I’ve now entered the awkward in-between stage in my transition. I may be out in “boy mode” and get called “ma’am.” I may be out in “girl mode” and get called “sir.” There seems to be no pattern to this, with just people responding with whatever their instincts pick up from […]

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