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The Evil Transgender Scheme to Bring the Plot of ‘Ladybugs’ to Life

I do a lot of reading and writing about transgender-specific news. Progressive sites, Conservative outlets, pieces of legislation – I read it all. Why? Because if I’m to debunk so many of the half-truths, misconceptions and outright lies about transgender people, I need to know what these lies are.

It’s amazing how often I […]

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Everyone Poops (Transgender People Included)

ep“Everyone Poops”, a 1977 children’s book by Taro Gomi, is a story I remember being read to me growing up. Looking back on the text of the book, it’s actually kind of interesting. The whole point of the story is to de-stigmatize the idea of defecation […]

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Let’s see what happens…

I’m testing something out. I am going to calmly and politely address the concerns of one of the California assemblymen who oppose AB1266. Below is what I posted to Tim Donnelly’s Facebook page (he appears to frequently respond to posts). He’s been making the rounds on conservative

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California’s School Success and Opportunity Act (AB1266) Will Save Lives

Apparently, what used to be called, "providing basic human decency," is now, "political correctness run amok!" Apparently, it's more important to indulge ridiculous hypotheticals like, "what if a boy just says he's a girl one day so he can go in the girl's bathroom?!"

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