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As you may know, Thought Catalog recently came under fire for publishing a violently transphobic essay from VICE co-founder Gavin McInnes. I understand that some may not feel comfortable reading content hosted at Thought Catalog, and for that reason, I compiled my Thought Catalog archive (35,000+ words), accessible here.

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New Edition of GLAAD’s Media Reference Guide Released

Earlier this month, GLAAD debuted the 9th edition of their Media Reference Guide on their website. I’ve frequently linked to past versions of the guide, as I’ve found it to be one of the better “I don’t know how to write about LGBT people, what words do I use!?” guides for journalists.

The lastest version of […]

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Wednesday Reading List: August 6, 2014

This week’s Wednesday Reading List selections bring a few additional viewpoints to the recent New Yorker feature written by Michelle Goldberg.

Aoife – The Goldberg Variations: Trans Exclusion and Old School Dialectic

Goldberg gives legitimacy to debate validity. Not to be outdone the accused plagiarist and apologist for Israel Margaret Wente — Canada’s smash […]

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On Pageviews, Clicks, and Internet Cats

I think it’s normal for writers to get a little caught up in their own […]

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Wednesday Reading List: July 30, 2014

Aoife – America’s Got Abjection: The Trans Subject as Sacrifice, from Stage to Street

This morning, Michelle Goldberg and the New Yorker give a license to elitist bigotry in which trans women — whom Janice Raymond argued should be morally mandated out of all existence — are the abject problem preventing balance and […]

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Breaking Down The New Yorker’s TERFy, Transphobic, Ahistorical Noise

I thought the J Nelson Aviance Huffpost tantrum was a fluke. I thought that’d be the end of me annotating writing. Well, I thought wrong.

Everyone’s favorite fake liberal Michelle Goldberg is back, and taking on “radical feminism vs. ‘transgenderism.'” Now, first, anyone actually using the term “transgenderism” in an unironic way can politely go screw […]

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Why I Secretly Hoped New Hampshire’s Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Amendment Would Crash and Burn

Earlier this year, the New Hampshire state legislature debated a measure that would have given voters the opportunity to enshrine protections on the basis of sexual orientation into the state constitution. The state, which already has a law on the books providing these protections, saw a constitutional amendment as a more permanent solution, […]

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Wednesday Reading List: July 23, 2014

There are a lot of must-read pieces this week on the Wednesday reading list. Fallon Fox discusses ignorance and bigotry faced by trans athletes at TransGriot, Rebecca Juro and Roz Kaveney contribute pieces to The Advocate, Julia Serano talks Halberstam, and Jenny Boylan pops up over at Huffington Post and the New York Times.

Fallon Fox […]

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Breaking Down HuffPost’s “I am NOT cisgendered” Tantrum

Recently, Huffington Post Gay Voices decided to run an editorial by J. Nelson Aviance about how hard it is being a white, cisgender man. Life is tough!

avianceGiven that HuffPo Gay Voices will publish anything that falls in line with editor Noah Michelson’s personal worldview, Aviance’s […]

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Lady Parts: How the Euphemism Reinforces Biology as Destiny

In my latest piece for Slate, I wrote a bit about the inherent biological essentialism that goes into terms like “lady parts,” “boy bits,” “man meat,” and other cutesy, euphemistic ways we avoid having to say much more clinical terms for genitals and reproductive organs.

I anticipate that this one will be deemed ridiculous […]

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