The Transgender Community™

I never quite know how to answer questions about “the transgender community.” To me, the Transgender Community™ is a product of the greater LGBT-industrial complex, just s neat way to classify those of us on the island of misfit toys. Trans individuals are just as diverse and complex as any other grouping of people.

Liberal, conservative; […]

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I’m Lost

There’s a scene in Lilo & Stitch (the saddest Disney movie ever made, by the way) where Lilo (a girl living with her older sister) is reading Stitch (an alien who crash landed on Earth) The Ugly Duckling. There’s a page in the book that shows the duckling, all alone, away from his family. “I’m lost!” he cries […]

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“Because We Can”: How Society Justifies Transgender Discrimination

I recently read about Alissah Brooks, a transgender woman from Atlanta, Georgia, and her recent run-in with a bouncer who denied her entry to a club on the basis of her gender identity. For those who haven’t yet read this story, after attending a GLAAD event in Atlanta, Brooks and a few friends stopped at […]

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A bit of a rambling tangent on “what it’s like to be a man”

I really don’t know what it is to “be a guy.” Sure, I lived as one for the majority of my life, but when people ask what it’s like to be able to “see both sides,” I don’t really have an answer. I could very easily give you a comparison of what it’s like to […]

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Separate but (Un)equal: Trans Bathroom Edition

Last week, I wrote an article that appeared on the Huffington Post, titled, The Coming Storm: ‘Controversial’ Transgender Stories. The point of the article was to highlight the beginning of what will surely be a long line of stories related to transgender kids in California over the next year, as AB1266 goes into effect.

Students […]

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Survivors of the working class

Sweaty, shaking, I’m on my back, home from work. It shouldn’t be so emotionally draining to make it through a simple work week, but it is. My mind has endured the mental version of a marathon, doing its best to complete this endurance challenge. More and more, my anxiety gets the best of me, driving […]

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Time Flies: A Year Ago…

Earlier today I realized that it’s been a year since one of the bigger milestones of my early transition. On September 3, 2012, I was at brunch when the server gendered me correctly, calling me “ma’am,” and referring to my partner and I as “ladies.” The feeling of […]

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Don’t Read the Comments: Why I can’t stop reading the comments

Why do I bother reading the comments? Seriously. Why? Why can’t I read an article, absorb its contents, and exit the page without seeing what the rest of the world thinks?

This is an addiction I’m struggling to break. I’m not alone, either. A Google search for the phrase “don’t read the comments” brings back […]

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Who do I need to screw around here to get called the right name?

I get my hormones filled at one pharmacy, my other medications (antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills) filled at another. The pharmacy where I get my anxiety and depression related meds (CVS) is substantially closer to home. The one with the hormones is quite a distance. I’ve kept these split between the two pharmacies for a couple reasons, […]

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Vacation, bathing suit, anxiety

I traveled to Michigan this past weekend with my girlfriend and one of our other friends. We stayed at our friend’s family’s lakeside cottage. We had a lot of fun. I wore a bathing suit (top) in public for the first time ever. That was… that was an intense feeling. There were certain very familiar […]

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