Breaking Down The New Yorker’s TERFy, Transphobic, Ahistorical Noise

I thought the J Nelson Aviance Huffpost tantrum was a fluke. I thought that’d be the end of me annotating writing. Well, I thought wrong.

Everyone’s favorite fake liberal Michelle Goldberg is back, and taking on “radical feminism vs. ‘transgenderism.'” Now, first, anyone actually using the term “transgenderism” in an unironic way can politely go screw […]

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Why I Secretly Hoped New Hampshire’s Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Amendment Would Crash and Burn

Earlier this year, the New Hampshire state legislature debated a measure that would have given voters the opportunity to enshrine protections on the basis of sexual orientation into the state constitution. The state, which already has a law on the books providing these protections, saw a constitutional amendment as a more permanent solution, […]

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“the first trans person to _______”

What I’m about to write is going to be seen by most as nit-picky, and to be entirely honest, it is.

“_________ becomes first trans person to ________”

Anytime I read that phrase, I ask myself, “How does this person know?”

I mean, there could have been a dozen, a hundred, or a million trans people to do […]

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Feast of Fun podcast #1981 – War of the Words

Earlier this week, I joined Marc and Fausto of the Feast of Fun podcast to discuss the recent “War of the Words” between drag performers and trans individuals.  We discussed RuPaul’s Drag Race, the language of oppression, intra-LGBT conflict, and the Trans 100. Additionally, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 runner-up Alaska Thunderfuck called […]

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RuPaul; Morally Mandating Trans Women Out of Existence Since the Early 90s

I’ve written a number of editorials about the use of transphobic language within lesbian, gay, and bisexual (okay, primarily gay) circles, and I’ve frequently expressed my frustration with the continued pushback.

I recently reported on use of the word “she-male” (alternate spelling: “shemale”) on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m used to […]

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Interview in PQ Monthly (December 2013)

Back in November, I wrote an essay for the Huffington Post, titled “Gay Dudes, Can You just Not?”

Within a few short days, the article had been “liked” more than 10,000 times, shared on Facebook and Twitter thousands of times, and read by nearly 100,000 people. To be honest, I was shocked that I […]

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Scott Walker’s LGBT Balancing Act

In an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Al Hunt, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker lauds the effectiveness of their anti-discrimination law that is “very similar to .” He then follows this up by pointing out that the state has a constitutional amendment  banning same-sex marriage. In his mind, this constitutes a “healthy balance.”

I have to […]

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Gay Dudes, Can You Just Not?

Dear gay dudes:

James Nichols at Huffington Post has been posting a series on drag culture/Brooklyn nightlife to the “Gay Voices” page over there. As someone who frequently writes for HP GV, I tend to read what else is going on over there. In his latest installment, Nichols interviewed a drag queen by the name of […]

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LGB celebrate while the T mourns

Tomorrow, the governor of Illinois will be in Chicago to hold a bill signing event for Illinois’ new marriage equality law. There will be parties, there will be fanfare.

Tomorrow is also Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to memorialize the victims of anti-transgender violence.

If you need evidence of the disconnect between the LGB and the […]

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