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I don’t travel much. Here’s why.

I don’t really travel much.

Why? Well, for one, my work rarely requires that I travel, so that’s one aspect of it, I suppose. Another reason I’m reluctant to travel is that my dog Meatball is kind of a handful, so I feel bad trying to ask friends or family to watch her for any extended […]

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It’s not “politically correct.” It’s just “correct.”

“Is the world becoming to ‘politically correct!?'”

You’ll find no shortage of articles, op-eds, YouTube videos, or television segments asking this very question. Between that, the handwringing over whether or not trigger warnings are a good or bad thing, and accusations of “censorship” (that 99.9% of the time have very little to do with actual censorship), […]

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Kim Davis, Mike Huckabee, and the New American Theocracy

Can we talk about this whole Kim Davis thing?

As we all know, in June, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a Constitutionally-protected right to get married. While some (many) conservative politicians didn’t like the outcome, that’s how it worked out. Sometimes the Supreme Court rules against your own beliefs — thanks for

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