Earlier this month, GLAAD debuted the 9th edition of their Media Reference Guide on their website. I’ve frequently linked to past versions of the guide, as I’ve found it to be one of the better “I don’t know how to write about LGBT people, what words do I use!?” guides for journalists.

The lastest version of the guide features a clean layout, a section on AP and New York Times style guides, a “terms to avoid” section, and a glossary of terms.

I highly recommend that all journalists — whether you’re planning to write about LGBT issues or not — take ten minutes to read through the guide. Media representations of LGBT people and issues are what guide public opinion. Public opinion guides policy and societal oppressions. In order to address larger issues (homelessness, HIV, poverty, employment discrimination, etc.), it’s important to ensure that the media is not further dehumanizing these people by misgendering them, conflating terms, or issuing otherwise botched reporting.

I’ve embedded sections of the guide below. The entire document can be found here.

GLAAD Media Reference Guide

GLAAD Media Reference Guide – Transgender