Aoife – America’s Got Abjection: The Trans Subject as Sacrifice, from Stage to Street

[blockquote source=”Aoifeschatology”]This morning, Michelle Goldberg and the New Yorker give a license to elitist bigotry in which trans women — whom Janice Raymond argued should be morally mandated out of all existence — are the abject problem preventing balance and Goldberg’s silly putty of real women’s realities. I have much more to say about Goldberg’s piece — and I will next week, in a specific essay — but I note for now how the trend continues in talking about trans women through abjection and indirectness. Goldberg — whose womanhood, heteronormativity, and bourgeois predilections wouldn’t last a minute in the TERFtopia of jumpsuits and little boy haircut gender abolition — can hardly be bothered to interview a single trans woman, aside from tuckaway Serano quotes, who is decidedly not pleased . . . note how Serano’s tiny appearance is immediately followed up by a Jeffrey’s quote misgendering Serano. Very subtle, Ms Goldber — but more on Goldberg next week. Such is another form of abjective displacement, of simultaneously being textually represented (spoken for), then conveniently objectified (spoken over), and finally abjectified (reduced to an enigma or problem to be assimilated or banished).[/blockquote]

Fallon Fox – TERFs are the new Westboro Baptist Church

[blockquote source=”TransAdvocate”]The TERFs perspective is that transgender women are not really women. They believe that transgender women are really men masquerading as women in order to keep women down, and do malicious things in private settings such as rape. TERFs believe that as Cathy Brennan states “The goal of “trans” whacktivists is to ERASE “woman” from reality”. Which of course is insanely conspiratorial, and will in no way stand as valid in the court of public opinion long term. But, because of their Wesboro like insanity they actually believe that this is a fact, or at least believe that others will believe this nonsense outside of their small group. They don’t realize that the counter to this ridiculous belief is quite simple, rational, and true.[/blockquote]

Kat Haché – Andreaja Pejic on Coming Out as Transgender, and Why This Was Her Moment

[blockquote source=”Bustle”]Last week, the model Andreja Pejic, famous for her androgynous looks and for modeling both men’s wear and women’s fashion, came out publicly as a trans woman, officially becoming yet another prominent role model for transgender individuals to look up to. I was fortunate enough to get to speak with her, and as a trans woman myself, I wanted to ask her some of the questions that I felt hadn’t been asked in the media frenzy following her announcement. Andreja told Bustle over email what transitioning has meant for her, and her hopes going forward as an out trans woman and an advocate for trans issues.[/blockquote]

Mari Brighe – The New Yorker’s Skewed History of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism Ignores Actual Trans Women

[blockquote source=”Autostraddle”]Ms. Goldberg spends the bulk of the piece describing how trans activists and trans allies have interfered with the ability of radical feminists to meet. The tone of Goldberg’s writing gives the impression that the trans activists are simply bullies, trying their best to interfere with people who want nothing more than to discuss their views. She cements this view by giving anecdotal examples of unnamed individuals on the internet making violent threats. She writes: “Abusive posts proliferated on Twitter and, especially, Tumblr. One read, ‘/kill/terfs 2K14.’ Another suggested, ‘how about ‘slowly and horrendously murder terfs in saw-like torture machines and contraptions’ 2K14.’ A young blogger holding a knife posted a selfie with the caption ‘Fetch me a terf.’ Such threats have become so common that radical-feminist Web sites have taken to cataloguing them.” While trying to explain this outpouring of aggression, she quotes radfem Lierre Keith: “It’s aggrieved entitlement,” Lierre Keith told me. “They are so angry that we will not see them as women.” What’s entirely missing from Ms Goldberg’s analysis is any mention of the great lengths that radical feminists have gone to in order to deny the rights of trans people and harass trans activists.[/blockquote]

Mari Brighe – Please Step Over Here: The Perils Of Traveling As A Trans Woman

[blockquote source=”Autostraddle”]Before my name change, I avoided airplanes and crossing international borders altogether. The dissonance between my clearly-boy name and obviously-girl presentation caused enough awkward situations with bartenders and bouncers; the mere thought of dealing with the TSA or Customs was enough to make my stomach do backflips. National Center for Transgender Equality Executive Director Mara Keisling has noted that “transgender people end up as collateral damage in TSA’s security theater. Any security system that relies on gender and ‘anatomical anomalies’ will always disparately affect transgender and gender non-confirming people.”[/blockquote]

Mari Brighe – Andrea James believes a straight cis woman is a better choice for the GLAAD Board than queer trans women

[blockquote source=”TransAdvocate”]So, after praising the inclusion of Meghan McCain – the very picture of American elitism – Andrea accuses two far less wealthy and considerably less influential trans women of being “comfortable elitists”. Never mind the fact that the entire GLAAD Board of Directors is made up of elite and respected members of the media; James makes zero attacks on the “elitism” of the rest of the board. Beyond that, her accusations of attempts to “exclude” people from the trans umbrella are both unfounded and astonishingly hypocritical, considering how recently she defended Calpernia Addams for her assertions that young queer trans activists had not “earned their place at the table.” Interestingly, both Addams and James were featured quite prominently featured in the photos from this years GLAAD Media Awards and both have bragged about their influence and Hollywood connections in their writing. Could this be nothing more an ugly case of projection from an LGBT elitist threatened by the rise of other activists who don’t share her narrow gay-male-preferential view of the world? James then gets into what appears to be the ACTUAL point of her article, finding another excuse to rant on and on about how important the word “tranny” is. A good long search of Twitter and Google turned absolutely no evidence than either Boylan or Kahrl had led any kind of “campaign” against the word, only that they support ceasing to normalize the use of a slur used frequently to harm and demean trans women, in line with GLAAD’s current media guidelines.[/blockquote]

Monica Roberts –TBLG Youth Of Color Survey About LGBT Movement

[blockquote source=”TransGriot”]The negative way some of my haters bump their gums about the subject, it’s only Moni talking about and calling out the lack of intersectionality and diversity in the LGBT movement.

Y’all can keep hatin’ because I’m not going to stop talking about the subject until something is done to fix the problem.

Besides I’m not the only person in Black trans, bi and SGL World complaining about the issue. Other peeps who look like me inside and outside our community are talking about it, and you ignore this discussion at your political peril.[/blockquote]

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