In my latest piece for Slate, I wrote a bit about the inherent biological essentialism that goes into terms like “lady parts,” “boy bits,” “man meat,” and other cutesy, euphemistic ways we avoid having to say much more clinical terms for genitals and reproductive organs.

I anticipate that this one will be deemed ridiculous by a lot of the mainstream readers. I’m sure there will be a lot of “OMG, FOKIS ON THE REEL PROBLOM” type responses, and I’m certainly going to take some lumps for this one (*waits for people to call me “word police” again*).

Still, 1.) it’s rare that anyone in mainstream media so much as mentions the existence of non-binary individuals, so any opportunity to raise awareness there is positive (in my mind), and 2.) it really does strike me as bizarre that people coming from a feminist point-of-view would embrace language that toes body parts to identity; it just strikes me as… antithetical.