Late last month, I learned that I was to be included on this year’s Trans 100 list. The list, which celebrates work within and for the betterment of the ‘trans community,’ included a number of well-known names, as well as a large number of “this person deserves to be a ‘well-known name'” names.

To have been honored on this list alongside names like Lana Wachowski, Carmen Carrera, Bailey Jay, Laura Jane Grace, and CeCe McDonald is something that left me truly humbled.

To be honest, going into the evening of the event, I remember thinking, “Well, of course I should be on the list. Look at the number of people who read my work, have told me that I’ve inspired them, etc.” Really, though, that’s an opinion that I’m ashamed of.

As the names were read, and just a tiny sliver of the phenomenal work by each of the honorees was unveiled, I completely rethought my own worthiness of being on the same list as so many of these individuals. Maybe I didn’t belong, and maybe I took the spot of someone who deserved it more than me.

That said, I did make the final cut. Whether deserved or not, I’m on there, and now I feel a true obligation to step up my game. I’m refining my approach to several aspects of my life, including how I use social media, the content of my writing, and my overall outlook on life.

I started writing about trans issues because I witnessed the lack of quality trans media coverage. If I’m going to be in it for the long haul, I need to focus. Less a firebrand, and more a unifier. I am in this for the long haul.

Thank you to Jen Richards, to Toni D’Orsay, to the anonymous list curators, and anyone who has ever read one of my articles. I won’t let you down.