Papier Hache – Transgender Pathologization – Kat Haché


[blockquote source=”Kat Haché”]It doesn’t matter to these people and to our society that the actual “reality” of the situation (one that transgender people know quite well and have faced on a deeper level than these internet commentators could imagine) contradicts exactly what they are saying a few paragraphs above their ignorant attacks on those that they refuse to understand.  It is a symptom of the real disease at play here: transphobia.  Like with other social ills, transphobia is a disease that causes those affected to stigmatize those whose body, gender identity, and presentation defies their preconceived notions of normalcy. [/blockquote]

National Center for Transgender Equality – New Analysis Released on Suicide Among Trans and Gender Nonconforming People

[blockquote source=”NCTE”]Forty-one percent of respondents reported having attempted suicide at some point in their lives. This new groundbreaking analysis seeks to identify and understand the characteristics and experiences that factor into the prevalent suicide attempts among transgender and gender non-conforming people. The study outlines a somber relationship between the negative experiences transgender people face from anti-transgender biases, and the increased pervasiveness of suicide attempts in the transgender and GNC populations.[/blockquote]

Huffington Post – Should You Name a Transgender Person in the Media? Why We Felt We Had To – Judy Farah

[blockquote source=”Judy Farah”]The judge in court referred to Braun as a woman. Yet, she is listed in jail bookings as a man. We don’t know the reason why. Privacy issues prevent us from knowing why jail officials made that decision. Transgender people want to be referred to as the gender they identify with. But does a person still have that right — if they are accused of murder?

A topic that will be debated not only in newsrooms, but possibly courtrooms as well.[/blockquote]

Let me answer that one for you, Judy: yes, they do still have that right. Thanks!

Planetransgender – Zimbabwe Trans Woman Arrested, Stripped by Police for Using the Ladies Room – Kelli Busey

[blockquote source=”Kelli Busey”]She was then sent to a hospital for “further physical examinations” which determined she was transgender and spent two nights in a police cell before appearing in court Saturday, when a magistrate remanded out of custody and reprimanded the police for their mistreatment.

Farai Mteliso did not attend the court session and a warrant of arrest was issued against the youth with the magistrate warning him in absentia not to interfere with Nathanson.[/blockquote]

The Advocate – Op-ed: Mr. President, We Need More Than Speeches – Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez and Heather Cronk

[blockquote source=”Sousa-Rodriguez/Cronk”]LGBTQ workers cannot wait forever for their piece of the American dream — the simple dream of being judged on our work, not who we love or who we are. President Obama is completely right to name 2014 as the “Year of Action” — unfortunately, many of us are being overlooked by the White House in this effort. The president has the opportunity to take yet another historic step toward a “more perfect nation” — he can lead this nation by signing the executive order to protect LGBTQ federal contractors from un-American and unconstitutional discrimination, instead of waiting on an intransigent Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act through the House.[/blockquote]