It never fails. As certain as the sun will rise tomorrow, a bigot will accuse you of “intolerance” for refusing to accept the hate they spew.

I recently wrote about a blog post on CNN’s iReport platform (for the record, iReport is something anyone can post to, it’s not the same thing as actually writing for CNN, and it’s not the same thing as when I write for a large website), that grossly misrepresented California’s School Success and Opportunity Act. The author implied that all transgender people are perverts, and that this law (which mirrors policies that have been in place for nearly a decade in large portions of the state without incident) will lead to “boys just saying they’re girls in order to stare at girls in the shower.” *sigh*

I messaged back and forth with him, asking him to clarify his statements. He insisted that he wasn’t talking about actual trans people, but rather, cis people who would abuse the system. So, what did I do? I asked him about a specific situation.

In asking him about Cassidy Lynn Campbell, the transgender homecoming queen from California, he said:

Cassidy Lynn Campbell


Yes, he called her a guy. So, clearly, this IS about transgender people. Later in the conversation, I asked him what he even knew about trans people. He responded that he’s seen drag shows… *sigh* Ugh. Really, dude?

Anyway, after this, he took to his little blog, where he compared me to Hitler (seriously, he did):



Hitler comparisons aside, what made me laugh was this part:

[blockquote source=””]Dear Parker Marie Molloy, and your band of angry minions,

You are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have ever encountered in my entire life.

Please explain to me how a group of people who spout a message of love and acceptance for all can be so incredibly intolerant and un-accepting? The message that you are actually delivering is one that says ‘agree with me, or die’–Literally, a good amount of them wished death upon me– Accepting?[/blockquote]

Making sure I’ve got this straight: He wrote an uninformed editorial designed to sway people to support efforts to repeal a law I firmly believe will save lives, and when asked about it, he doubled down on his views, telling me that I’m the “intolerant” one, and therefore, a hypocrite.

Let’s clear something up:

My argument isn’t about “tolerance,” and no, the fact that I think your typo-laden screed is a dangerous addition to a culture already dead set against allowing transgender people the ability to simply live their lives… that doesn’t make me “intolerant.” That makes me angry.

It makes me angry to read something I believe will lead to the death of others. Lucas, your words come with a body count. It makes me angry for someone to tell me that I’m “Hitler” or “not ladylike” because I’m not going to sit here and let him tell me to risk my life every time I need to pee.

Fuck you, dude. I’m not dancing around this anymore: fuck you, you fucking fuck.

You tell me you “have a way with words,” though you’re actually a pretty piss-poor writer.

You tell me that you “have nothing against trans people,” but you called me a man.

Your ignorant, transphobic comments are not as equally valid as those who have actually had to deal with some of the shit that comes along with being transgender. You’re ignorant, and you’re hateful.

Go ahead, pick apart my words. Tell me that me saying “fuck you” is the same thing as you publicly supporting a policy change that will result in physical and emotional harm to countless transgender people. Go for that.

In the meantime, fuck you, you fucking fuck.