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Thanksgiving Video Update

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Scott Walker’s LGBT Balancing Act

In an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Al Hunt, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker lauds the effectiveness of their anti-discrimination law that is “very similar to .” He then follows this up by pointing out that the state has a constitutional amendment  banning same-sex marriage. In his mind, this constitutes a “healthy balance.”

I have to […]

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Christmas, 1990

“What do you want for Christmas?” A burly man with a fake white beard and a bright red suit asked.

“I really want a Nintendo,” responded a child from atop the man’s lap.

“Have you been a good boy this year?” The pseudo-Santa asked as if reciting a script.

The child nodded enthusiastically.

“I’ll see what we can do […]

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Gay Dudes, Can You Just Not?

Dear gay dudes:

James Nichols at Huffington Post has been posting a series on drag culture/Brooklyn nightlife to the “Gay Voices” page over there. As someone who frequently writes for HP GV, I tend to read what else is going on over there. In his latest installment, Nichols interviewed a drag queen by the name of […]

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Whatever Floats Your Boat

Oxford Dictionaries named “selfie” their Word of the Year 2013. Defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website,” it’s something that almost seems too slang-like to be represented in any dictionary, let alone the Oxford. In actuality, […]

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Stop Quoting the “1 in 12” Statistic

“1 in 12 transgender people are murdered.”

I love stats as much as the next person, but until we can actually source this number, can we stop quoting it?

As today is Transgender Day of Remembrance, I’ve seen that statistic waved around quite a bit. Ask anyone, though, and they cannot point you to the true source […]

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Transgender Day of Remembrance. Don’t read my site, read these

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LGB celebrate while the T mourns

Tomorrow, the governor of Illinois will be in Chicago to hold a bill signing event for Illinois’ new marriage equality law. There will be parties, there will be fanfare.

Tomorrow is also Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to memorialize the victims of anti-transgender violence.

If you need evidence of the disconnect between the LGB and the […]

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The “War on Christmas” is the Brain Child of Hypocrites

Earlier today, I wrote an article at Thought Catalog about my annual conversation with my mother in regards to her “War on Christmas” pins. Shortly after publishing it, I decided to dive into the the mindset of someone who actually believes that there’s some sort of attack against Christmas.

Eric Owens, Education Editor at the […]

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The Transgender Community™

I never quite know how to answer questions about “the transgender community.” To me, the Transgender Community™ is a product of the greater LGBT-industrial complex, just s neat way to classify those of us on the island of misfit toys. Trans individuals are just as diverse and complex as any other grouping of people.

Liberal, conservative; […]

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