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19 Things Bad ‘Allies’ Say

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365 Days of Change: My Year On Hormone Replacement Therapy

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My Op-Ed at @TheAdvocateMag: No One Else Can Define Your Attraction.

My Op-Ed at The Advocate: No One Else Can Define Your Attraction.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is A Marketing Scam

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Separate but (Un)equal: Trans Bathroom Edition

Last week, I wrote an article that appeared on the Huffington Post, titled, The Coming Storm: ‘Controversial’ Transgender Stories. The point of the article was to highlight the beginning of what will surely be a long line of stories related to transgender kids in California over the next year, as AB1266 goes into effect.

Students […]

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The good that enters, the bad that lingers

I write a lot about transgender issues. As a trans woman, this comes somewhat naturally. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the general direction some of my writing has taken, and I think I’ve neglected a core, personal aspect of the story of my own transition, largely out of fear that this particular […]

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Another First: Bachelorette Party Edition

My friend Alli is getting married to her longtime boyfriend Will sometime this month (congrats!). Alli and I have been close since long-before I came out as trans. Both of us can be cynical, bitter, apathetic; which is part of what made our friendship work. She was one of the first friends I came out to, […]

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The Coming Storm: “Controversial” Transgender Stories

In the coming year, as AB 1266 goes into effect in California, be prepared to read a lot of stories like this:

Local Transgender Student Provokes Mixed Reactions

Leanne Suter at KABC-TV Los Angeles writes about the “controversy” surrounding news that a transgender elementary school student in Glendale, CA would begin attending school presenting as a […]

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