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Don’t Confuse ‘Being a Fetish Object’ with ‘Love’

Author, media personality and generally awesome person, Janet Mock, recently penned a widely-praised article titled “How Society Shames Men Who Date Trans Women […]

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Azealia Banks and the Hypocrisy of the Media (TW: transphobic language)

Last night, rapper Azealia Banks tweeted a transphobic slur. Given the uproar surrounding her use of a homophobic slur (those are just 10 out of dozens of news stories about it), I assumed we could count on […]

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Most days, some days

ImageMost days, I feel okay about myself, about my physical appearance. I feel okay about my face, about my body.

Other days, all I can do is see the flaws in myself, the things (in that moment, in my mind) that are beyond salvation. My hips. […]

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Free Speech: You Don’t Actually Know What You Are Talking About

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My Suicide Attempt

My latest post over at Thought Catalog. As it is National Suicide Prevention Week, I wanted to share my story publicly for the first time.

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Another Transgender in the Workplace article I did for work







Click photos for full-size pictures.


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Park That Car on Facebook

Park That Car on Facebook

Don’t forget, you can follow Park That Car on Facebook. Like the page and all that fun stuff.

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My Conversation with Jim Goad

I recently wrote a Thought Catalog article titled “I Can’t Write for the Same Website as Jim Goad“. Within the comments section of the article, multiple people suggested that we “debate” the issues (the primary issue I had was that Jim had referred to transgender people as “self-mutilating freaks”). Jim […]

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Time Flies: A Year Ago…

Earlier today I realized that it’s been a year since one of the bigger milestones of my early transition. On September 3, 2012, I was at brunch when the server gendered me correctly, calling me “ma’am,” and referring to my partner and I as “ladies.” The feeling of […]

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Transgender People in the Media: I’m Never Surprised

When a media outlet calls a trans woman a “man,” I’m not surprised. When a website asks trans children questions about “the surgery,” I’m not surprised. When a television network feels the need to include a trans person’s “real name” in reporting, I’m not surprised.

While none of this surprises me, it all disappoints me.

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