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Everyone Poops (Transgender People Included)

ep“Everyone Poops”, a 1977 children’s book by Taro Gomi, is a story I remember being read to me growing up. Looking back on the text of the book, it’s actually kind of interesting. The whole point of the story is to de-stigmatize the idea of defecation […]

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4 Reasons The Filibusters Of Ted Cruz And Wendy Davis Aren’t The Same

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The Sexist World Of Sports Marketing

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My Letter To Cassidy Lynn Campbell, Transgender Homecoming Queen

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Survivors of the working class

Sweaty, shaking, I’m on my back, home from work. It shouldn’t be so emotionally draining to make it through a simple work week, but it is. My mind has endured the mental version of a marathon, doing its best to complete this endurance challenge. More and more, my anxiety gets the best of me, driving […]

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Just Get it All Out of Your System

Get it out of your system. All of it. Random people of the internet, please take all the negative comments about transgender people, take all the slurs you plan to pepper into my future articles and just toss them in the comments section of this piece.

It’s frustrating to write something about suicide prevention […]

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We found a bunny: help us get him the medical care he needs

We found a bunny: help us get him the medical care he needs

Julia and I found a rabbit this past weekend. He seems to be a pet who was abandoned. He needs somewhere in the ballpark of $700 to get healthy. Can you help?

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Can We Stop Pretending Pope Francis Is A Reformer?

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Sometimes the Game is Rigged

Sitting in the room, I shift in my seat, trying to find the chair’s sweet spot. I fidget with the side knobs, identical to the configuration on my own desk’s chair. Why did I get here so early?, I ask myself. Co-workers walk past the door, grabbing momentary glances at me, sitting here alone. Increasingly anxious, […]

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Marriage Equality Is A Transgender Issue

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