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3105, 2013

Shut your brain off, stop worrying

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“What can I get you ladies?,” said the barista at the first floor Starbucks, to a co-worker and me.”I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to be constantly aware of how others are viewing you, always paying attention to signals that let you know who they see you as. That’s got to be exhausting.””It […]

2205, 2013

I wrote a “Trans 101″ article for my workplace’s LGBT newsletter

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  Download it here (.pdf)

2105, 2013

One year back

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It’s been nearly a year since I came out as trans to anyone. The days leading up to coming out were some of the most intensely stressful times in my life.I felt tired and scared. The thought of losing everything in my life for a chance to be myself was too much to even fully […]

2005, 2013

Transition video blog #2

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Here I am, answering a few questions from my profile.

1305, 2013

Accepting myself

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Every so often, I have a day where I just don’t feel like I’m me. I feel like the world doesn’t see me as a woman; like the world doesn’t see me as trans, even. I just feel like the world sees me as a guy, as a person who isn’t me.

I ran into a […]

905, 2013

Increasingly anxious about work

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I’m exhausted. I used to really enjoy my job. I used to look forward to getting to work every morning. I used to get along with my coworkers. I used to get invited to events put on by vendors my that my company does work with.

That doesn’t happen anymore.

Most Sundays, I find myself sinking […]

605, 2013

A year later, a lot stronger

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In May of 2012, I was feeling tired. I was feeling worn out. I was feeling like I didn’t have anything left to give.Life wasn’t supposed to be so hard. Life wasn’t supposed to be non-stop sadness. Life wasn’t supposed to just be a series of situations where you find yourself saying, “this isn’t right. […]