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[the gender train]

On my morning commute, I ended up walking directly into a very interesting conversation. I take an open seat near 3 people (2 college students and a middle-aged woman) who are having a discussion about the children’s gender identity clinic here in Chicago. The theme of the conversation seemed to be, “kids don’t […]

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[going from tolerance –> acceptance –> friendship? how do I make this happen?]

Lately, I’ve been feeling worn down. I guess I didn’t take into account just how much being out at work would take out of me energy-wise or emotionally. Again, people have, overall, been nice. That’s not the issue. It’s the train ride to/from work, the strange looks by people in other parts of the office […]

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[work, transition, going full time]

I certainly haven’t kept up with updating my blog, and it’s for good reason: I’m now able to be me 24/7. Do I feel relieved? Certainly! Do I feel anxious? Yep! Overall, though, I’m happy with the decision to transition when I did.

Work has been… work has actually been pretty okay. Roughly 4 weeks ago, […]

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