The wild ride continues. After feeling mostly positive about how work has been going lately, I received an e-mail from the senior Vice President who oversees my department at work, saying that there have been concerns about the quality of my work lately. This is just 2 weeks after receiving an absolutely glowing annual performance review from my supervisors.

It’s just very frustrating, and just seems slightly too convenient.

Everyone has said that they’re okay with me being me at work, but a few co-workers seem to have distanced themselves from me a bit in this lead up to my work transition. I really, truly hope that these issues with my performance aren’t just the outlet of others’ discomfort with my transness, but it’s hard to not suspect that.

I am hoping that I’m just being paranoid about all this. I hope that this really is a work-related concern. In any case, I’m going to go into there tomorrow, work as hard as I can, and just do my best. That’s all we can ever do.