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[Whose marriage are you protecting, Renee Kosel?]

Late last night, I decided to check on the status of the marriage equality bill currently making its way through the state House of Representatives. The bill has already passed the Senate, but is facing its greatest challenge yet in the House, with last night’s vote being whether or not to advance the bill out […]

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[work is going fine. work is not going fine. work is…]

The wild ride continues. After feeling mostly positive about how work has been going lately, I received an e-mail from the senior Vice President who oversees my department at work, saying that there have been concerns about the quality of my work lately. This is just 2 weeks after receiving an absolutely glowing annual performance […]

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“How I Met Your Mother” certainly loves to resort to jokes at the expense of trans people

Season 6, Episode 20 – the Exploding Meatball Sub

Plot Synopsis: Lily and Barney react badly when Marshall finally quits his job at Goliath National Bank to take a volunteer position at an environmental organization. Meanwhile, Ted and Zoey’s opposing positions on the future of the Arcadian come between them.

Completely irrelevant to the storyline:

In Barney’s office

(Barney is […]

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[attracting more bees with honey than vinegar: on attacking our allies]





[Edit – 4/4/2013: after digging more into this topic, doing a bit more research, and learning of even more recent events, my opinion previously expressed in this post has changed fairly dramatically. Until HRC makes a true commitment to trans rights – which they still […]

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[what a week]

Wow! What a week this was. 0 to 60 in no time. It really got started last Tuesday at my annual performance review at work.

I went into this review thinking, “well, as least once this is over with, I won’t have to worry about me being trans affecting the review.” I received an extremely […]

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