Out of boredom, I went through and listed out milestone dates in my transition on my Google Calendar. I realize there are pros and cons to focusing on these dates, as it’s not like, “I just hit day # x, woo! *instant changes*” From one day to the next, it’s not like I can really tell a difference in appearance. But, anyway, here are the dates:

  • 1/11 – 3 months HRT
  • 1/18 – 100 days HRT
  • 4/11 – 6 months HRT
  • 4/28 – 200 days HRT
  • 5/28 – anniversary of coming out as trans
  • 7/11 – 9 months HRT
  • 8/6 – 300 days HRT
  • 10/11 – 1 year HRT

Anyway, while I wait for HR to get back to me about setting up a meeting to discuss my workplace transition, I’ve found one thing that makes me feel oddly better about being in boy mode at work:

There’s a homeless guy who stands outside the Walgreen’s at Michigan & Lake, who, for whatever reason, has gendered me female for months. Every time I walk past, it’s something like, “spare change, young lady?” So, when I’m feeling particularly dysphoric, I occasionally walk out that way, and without fail, I get correctly gendered. (I know, that’s super weird of me, but hey, whatever keeps the dysphoria at bay, right?)