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3112, 2012

[damn my government-issued ID]

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It still seems weird anytime I get gendered correctly in public. A part of me is convinced that people are just humoring me, but as it happens more and more (it’s still a somewhat rare occurrence – though I do find that some places that once consistently called me “sir” aren’t gendering me at all, […]

2812, 2012

[thoughts on 2013 improvement, possible self-diagnosis]

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What a wild week it’s been. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how and why I think and act certain ways. In a way, that’s terrifying: opening yourself up to try to get to the core of personal problems.

In doing this, based on feelings & actions I’ve been guilty of my entire life, […]

2512, 2012

O Christmas Tree

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O, Christmas Tree! O, Christmas Tree

It’s been a tough year. I’ve learned a lot about myself, but at the same time, it certainly took a toll on me mentally & physically. Christmas gatherings have always left me feeling sentimental, but this one was especially that way.

My family did their best to pretend that their son […]

1912, 2012

[on the nature of life]

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I’ve been feeling very anxious, frustrated, depressed over the past several days. It’s not so much the usual “I hate myself” spiel that’s plagued me all too often throughout my life, but more a general sadness with the world – with life, death/mortality, innocence, wonder. It just seems like there’s so much out there, yet […]

1012, 2012

[HRT Update: Day 60 (2 months)]

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Alright… 2 months down. I’ve now entered the awkward in-between stage in my transition. I may be out in “boy mode” and get called “ma’am.” I may be out in “girl mode” and get called “sir.” There seems to be no pattern to this, with just people responding with whatever their instincts pick up from […]

712, 2012

[alternatives to the Salvation Army]

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As you may be aware, the Salvation Army is pretty freakin’ anti-LGBT by nature. I know a lot of people who want to donate money somewhere, but seem to think that donating to the SA is the only option. Obviously, this is not the case. You are not “helping” by donating to a group that […]

612, 2012

[coming out to my hair stylist, getting my first feminine cut]

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My hair was starting to look kind of goofy. I’ve been growing it out since April without a cut. Rather than looking like something long and feminine, it was starting to just look like, well, like a boy’s cut that had just grown unruly.

So, yesterday I decided to go in to the place I used […]

212, 2012

[too much, too soon: asking my dad for a favor]

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I spoke with my dad today via phone, and while he has thus far been very supportive, I feel that I now have reason to question the legitimacy of that support.

In talking with him, he brought up some basic concerns he and my mom have about me coming home for Christmas:

“You’re not going to… uh, […]