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[what gives me away?]

Transition is slow. Slow. S-L-O-W.

Patience is a tough thing to come by in a situation like this. Imagine going from feeling extremely uncomfortable all the time to having the knowledge that one day you won’t be uncomfortable. Knowing that there will be a day where you don’t feel uncomfortable doesn’t do anything to ease your […]

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[HRT update: Day 48]

I really want to write a book. Fiction, non-fiction, or total garbage. Ever since starting hormones, I’ve just had such a rush of emotions coursing through my mind, begging for a true outlet.

This is certainly a change from the pre-HRT days of either no emotions or only negative emotions (frustration, anger).

I just want to get […]

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[gatekeepers, be gone: why we need to support informed consent clinics]

Here, in Chicago, trans* individuals can gain access to hormones through a relatively simple 3-step “informed consent” process at Howard Brown Health Center. For that, we are lucky.

More and more, I’m finding accounts of trans individuals who have been held back by various gatekeepers, making them jump through hoops for months […]

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[ABC Family triggers my dysphoria]

Oh, ABC Family… Why must you switch from family-themed made-for-TV movies (last night, I watched “12 Dates of Christmas“, staring Amy Smart & the guy who played Zack Morris on “Saved By the Bell”). As soon as this, uh, delightful little movie ended (spoiler: it’s basically the […]

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[good shouldn’t be the enemy of perfect: why the transgender community should give HRC another shot]

Human Rights Campaign recently donated $250 to Chicago’s Center on Halsted to be put towards the upcoming “Night of Fallen Stars” Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) event. As a result of this donation, Center on Halsted’s volunteer transgender liaison, June LaTrobe, resigned from her position, […]

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[came out to my parents as trans via e-mail. here’s my e-mail & my dad’s response.]

My e-mail to my parents:

Sometimes I am absolutely terrible with articulating my words on important issues. And as I won’t see you for Thanksgiving ( and I are going to spend it with her family this year), I felt like this was the right time to send this. I ask that you reply to […]

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[HRT update: 1 month]

1 month down. 31 days.

The past week has been a true trip for me. So many ups and downs, I’m still trying to make sense of where I’m at. Overall, though, I’m proud of myself. This is a point that, even 10 months ago, seemed […]

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[dealt a transition-y blow]

At work, I met with my supervisor this afternoon over coffee to discuss “my career.” I was initially hired in February 2012 as a “3 month contract-to-hire” employee; where at the end of 3 months, if I was bad at my job, they’d let me go; if I was good, they’d hire me on full […]

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[hrt update: day 23]

Basically, the best way to describe this…

This is my brain before hormones:

This is my brain after hormones:

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