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[and let the “coming out tour” begin]

In the past two days, I’ve come out to a total of 3 people: my brother, a cis male former co-worker, and a cis female friend of mine from college.

All responses have been universally positive.

For weeks, I’ve been trying to tell my brother, going so far as to tell him I’ve been meeting up at […]

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[HRT update: 12 days in]

Oh, I know. I know, I know, there’s not much to report on.

But I don’t care.

Why don’t I care? Because I feel happy. My emotions are still a jumble, but overall, I am happy. This intense feeling of not being correct, balance-wise, it’s fading. I have a sense of progress, a sense of hope. I […]

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Letter to East Aurora School Board member Raymond Hull re: his “I do not support the LGBT” statement

Actually, Mr. Hull, after reading and re-reading the e-mail you sent to a man named Zachary… I just can’t let it go.

Zachary, I do not support the LGBT. I slept on the truth; shame on me

I don’t understand. The school board handbook, in Section 7, Page 1 (for reference), states:

Students are the first […]

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My Letter to the East Aurora, IL (Dist. #131) School Board re: their new trans-positive policy

For those who don’t know, the East Aurora School Board recently came under fire from the Illinois Family Institute (a designated hate group) for adopting a policy offering protections for transgender students & faculty. They are meeting tomorrow at 5:30pm to consider rescinding this policy. I encourage others to write the officials listed below. Here […]

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This is the first day of my life

As of yesterday morning, I am officially in possession of a prescription for HRT.

I am psyched.

This puts me on a path that I’m just so very sure of. This puts me on a path towards being a person, and not just a shell […]

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