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2709, 2012

[superhero secret identities]

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Earlier this week, I was at work, sitting in our morning meeting. I had torn a contact lens that morning, so I was wearing my glasses. I tend not to wear my glasses all that often (staring at a computer for 8 hours in my glasses is no fun), and I guess this was the […]

2009, 2012

Someone is waiting

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My life is consumed by transition-related thoughts. I honestly cannot concentrate on anything else, no matter how hard I try. I really feel like this is having a significant effect on my focus in my day-to-day life activities. The real bummer is that this obsession just makes my life seem that much slower. It’s like […]

1209, 2012

[the dangers of wandering the streets]

By |September 12th, 2012|Personal|1 Comment

After hanging out with some friends last night (and having a few too many drinks), I found myself wandering the streets of Uptown alone for a while. At the time, the idea of taking a walk sounded great, but this morning I was reminded of the last time I was out late and drunk.

The following […]

1009, 2012

There are different names for the same thing

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In my most recent session, my therapist kept bouncing back and forth between male and female pronouns when referring to me. Honestly, it was a little confusing. He knows my preferred pronoun set (female). I’m sure he just slipped a few times. No biggie. Getting pronouns and names right might be tough for some.

It’s just […]

409, 2012

[a first: gendered correctly in public]

By |September 4th, 2012|Personal|2 Comments

To this point, I hadn’t been correctly gendered in public. I didn’t put too much stock in that, as I very often travel out in “boy mode” (work, at the moment…) or in some sort of androgynous mode.

Yesterday, I went to eat at the wonderful Heartland Cafe¬†with my girlfriend for brunch. As our server comes […]