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[superhero secret identities]

Earlier this week, I was at work, sitting in our morning meeting. I had torn a contact lens that morning, so I was wearing my glasses. I tend not to wear my glasses all that often (staring at a computer for 8 hours in my glasses is no fun), and I guess this was the […]

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Someone is waiting

My life is consumed by transition-related thoughts. I honestly cannot concentrate on anything else, no matter how hard I try. I really feel like this is having a significant effect on my focus in my day-to-day life activities. The real bummer is that this obsession just makes my life seem that much slower. It’s like […]

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[the dangers of wandering the streets]

After hanging out with some friends last night (and having a few too many drinks), I found myself wandering the streets of Uptown alone for a while. At the time, the idea of taking a walk sounded great, but this morning I was reminded of the last time I was out late and drunk.

The following […]

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There are different names for the same thing

In my most recent session, my therapist kept bouncing back and forth between male and female pronouns when referring to me. Honestly, it was a little confusing. He knows my preferred pronoun set (female). I’m sure he just slipped a few times. No biggie. Getting pronouns and names right might be tough for some.

It’s just […]

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[a first: gendered correctly in public]

To this point, I hadn’t been correctly gendered in public. I didn’t put too much stock in that, as I very often travel out in “boy mode” (work, at the moment…) or in some sort of androgynous mode.

Yesterday, I went to eat at the wonderful Heartland Cafe¬†with my girlfriend for brunch. As our […]

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