I’ve been trying to be more open about myself lately, just doing little things here and there to be myself. Whether it’s wearing a tiny bit of makeup to work, wearing a little bit of jewelry (I have this gorgeous little necklace that’s work appropriate – not too fem or anything)… Stuff like that. I’ve also been trying to come out to more people. Here’s where it hurts my heart a little bit.

While I haven’t gotten any blatantly negative pushback or anything like that, I feel like I have lost (or at least damaged) some friendships by telling people about me. The most common response is simply no response. I’ll spill my heart and just get silence and that person and I don’t seem to talk anymore.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I don’t know. Hmmm.

But I’m here on a Friday, not sure whether to stay in, whether to move from the couch, but I’d love some company. I feel so uncharacteristically socially awkward lately. I need to snap out of it.